Immune Awareness Month

The human immune system was once thought of as a fixed functioning system with no ability to adapt. Today we know that this is not the case. Recent studies now show that immune function can include the production of specific cells for specific purposes. The more we learn about human immunity, the more we come to realize that we must take care of the only system that is in charge with protecting us.

The immune system needs to be both stimulated as well as rested. If it is over-stimulated it can become exhausted. If on the other hand it rests to long, not having any invading microbes to deal with, it can become sluggish and slow to respond when needed. How to solve this unique situation? Easy, we developed a formula that can nourish an over worked system while having the ability to stimulate immune function in a controlled way. After many years of research we have developed a combination of nutrients and herbal extracts that can indeed do both.

This formula has helped thousands of people to avoid getting the flu or catching colds, even in the high season when everyone around them is coughing and sneezing. The success of this formula lies in its balance between nourishing and slight stimulation, keeping the immune system ever ready to protect you from whatever comes along.

You can obtain this same Immune formula from Phoenix Nutritionals at 1-800-440-2390.

For more information on your immune system and how nutrients can make the difference between wellness and repeated illness watch my video Immune System. More info on Immune Awareness Month coming next week and make sure to check out my video Exposing Nutrition Myths I talk about some of the issues in this article.

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