How to Lower Cholesterol levels

How to lower cholesterol levels? Of all the common and I suppose popular health concerns or perceived health concerns, is the one revolving around cholesterol. This natural and essential substance has been the target of the medical industry for several decades. It has been blamed for the heart disease epidemic, of which there is no basis in fact whatsoever. In fact, there is not one clinical study in any peer-reviewed journal that has ever been able to establish that cholesterol causes heart disease. By the time cholesterol begins adhering to the artery walls 90% of the atherosclerotic process is already over.

By waging war with cholesterol, we are now driving cholesterol levels to dangerously low levels through the use of powerful statin drugs, which have a multitude of side effects of their own. Medicine now seeks to lower cholesterol levels to 150 or less. What they forget in their blind war on cholesterol is that levels of total cholesterol below 150 puts you at a 10 times greater risk for a stroke. This is because cholesterol is used as a lubrication for the cardiovascular system, keeping it flexible and pliable.

If you are concerned about elevated cholesterol there are a wide variety of nutrients that can be of help in addressing the problem. 80% of the cholesterol in your body is manufactured in your liver in response to need. If you reduce the amount of cholesterol in your diet eventually the liver will increase production to compensate. Because the liver also has to manage all toxins internally, it can become overstressed and the balance of cholesterol production can be interrupted, resulting in production higher than necessary. By addressing liver function through the use of several key nutrients, which have been proven extremely effective, we can retrain the liver to produce the right amounts of cholesterol for our well-being. Check back next week for more information about Cholesterol Myths.


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