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Multivitamin and mineral supplements abound on the shelves. Unfortunately many of these supplements are lacking at least half of the known essential nutrients for optimal human health. This is even more important when you consider the mineral group relying on other minerals for uptake by the cells of the body. If even one micro trace mineral is missing it can prevent the utilization of several others even if they are present in the formula.

Our next concern must be how these nutrients are delivered to the body. Most of us past the age of 50 begin to lose our ability to absorb and utilize various nutrients. Calcium is one classic example. For older people, supplements in tablet form are almost worthless as we can no longer break them down. Capsules are far better but more costly.

Lastly ratios of one nutrient to another need to be addressed. If there is too much of one nutrient over another it can actually prevent the uptake of the lesser nutrient into the cells. The Full Spectrum Supplement that we recommend to our clients is one offered in liquid form.

This allows for many advantages not available in other forms of delivery. Firstly we can get a whole lot more nutrients in water than in capsules. Secondly by using a liquid the dosages can be adjusted for any age group.

Our current formula in use provides over 130 nutrients, which include the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. It has often been said that it’s not what you ingest but only that which you can absorb that will benefit your body. Absorption is everything and absorption becomes a greater challenge as we age.

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The one she is using is called High Vitality, and may be obtained from Phoenix Nutritionals.

More info on the candida myth coming next month and make sure to check out my video Exposing Nutrition Myths I talk about some of the issues in this article.

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