More Heartache for Heartburn Pills!

People who take antacids also known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are more likely to develop chronic kidney disease than those who don’t use these drugs. Since tens of millions of people are using PPI’s it is a potentially serious problem. These drugs stop cells in the stomach lining from producing acid. Unfortunately the body requires this acid for the digestion of proteins and the formation of enzymes.

Earlier studies have established that PPI’s cause kidney damage, heart problems, infections, and bone fractures due to the lack of mineral absorption, which can only take place in an acid environment.

A better approach for most people would be to actually increase stomach acid production so that protein foods can be faster and more completely digested. It is undigested food that sits in a low acid stomach that causes regurgitation and reflux. Increasing stomach acid is as easy as using a multi-faceted digestive aid with natural betaine hydrochloride, which when present, stimulates the stomach to produce more gastric acid to accelerate digestion.

I have used our digestive support formula for over 30+ years and have helped thousands of people eliminate their digestive reflux issues as it restores the natural acid production of the stomach while providing the necessary building blocks so that the body can make all the essential enzymes for complete digestion.

This same formula is offered through Phoenix Nutritionals. They call it DigestEze and you may obtain it by calling them at 1-800-440-2390. Check back soon for more information about digestive disorders and how you can be free from them.

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