Heart Health Awareness Month

Cholesterol does not cause heart disease – never has, never will. Granted it can be a complicating factor once the disease process is nearly complete but that risk is there no matter what the level of serum cholesterol might be. The disease process begins long before cholesterol begins to adhere to the artery walls. Free radical damage to the inner wall of the artery actually begins the process. Once this occurs, calcium, which is normally circulating in the blood, adheres to the sites where the free radical damage has taken place.

This is called calcification of the arteries. Once this has occurred, cholesterol, an essential substance for life, begins to ionically attract itself to the calcified sites. Over time the blood flow is reduced to dangerously low levels. The most direct way to address this issue is by removing the calcium buildup from the artery wall. Once this is done the cholesterol can no longer adhere and blood flow is restored.

This process is called chelation and it is available either as a heart health supplement or via intravenous chelation. Check back next week for information on Heart Health Awareness Month & Heart Health Supplements and make sure to check out my Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter Campaign.

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