Self-care is coming back into popularity, at least the term in any event. This term was even discussed on a recent Dr. Oz television show but their emphasis was primarily on external self-care. While this is important certainly, it should not replace or cause us to overlook internal self-care as well. Nutritional science has made considerable advancements in both external and internal self-care support. As people age brain supplements and/or natural supplements for depression, become more and more essential.

We now know that a great deal of the emotional issues people have such as stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and a loss of interest in life, can be improved through the use of stimulating neurotransmitter function. This is accomplished naturally with amino acid supplementation. Of course, nutritional science has not forgotten the external self-care as well. There are known nutrients for Natural Beauty Support, vitamins for hair growth, and vitamins for skin. Supplements for hair, skin, and nails are gaining popularity across a wide population.

Collagen supplements, which have been popular for quite a long time, often show very little benefit because applying a collagen supplement to the skin produces very little absorption. Hair skin and nails vitamins can be combined into one convenient supplement and the best vitamins for hair skin and nails would include high amounts of the nutrients known and necessary to build and maintain healthy skin hair and nails. Vitamin C for the skin is well known and certainly important, but there are other nutrients that should be going in concert with vitamin C to produce the maximum potential benefit for the hair skin and the nails at the same time.

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