Full Spectrum Nutrition

In the mid-1990s I wrote an article entitled ‘not all supplements are created equal’. This article caused quite a stir at the time in the nutrition supplement industry. This was because I pointed out a rarely used but essentially important factor when developing a dietary supplement formula. Everyone was on the potency bandwagon, turning out formulas with higher and higher potencies in an attempt to lure the consumer into the concept that more is better. While potency is important, it is certainly not the only factor that should go into product development. The area that is almost exclusively overlooked is that of ratios.

Nutrients compete for passage across cell membranes. Those nutrients with the greater electrical potential can, if present to excess, prevent the absorption of lesser strength nutrients at the cellular level. This is especially acute when it comes to minerals. Since all minerals bear an electrical charge, it is extremely important to consider this when assembling any dietary supplement. Check back next week for more information about Liquid V’s Capsules, Full Spectrum Nutrition.