As the mean population continues to age there are increased concerns about both digestion and absorption of nutrients. Health supplements are becoming more and more essential due to the degradation of our food sources. The worst form of supplementation often occurs in the tablets. Tablets do have their place but tend to be far less absorbable, especially with elderly people. The new micro thin capsules are an ideal replacement for tablets because they can break down in the stomach in as little as two minutes, making the nutrients rapidly available to the system. Liquid vitamins have been long accepted as an ideal and optimal way to deliver nutrients to the body. Unfortunately, they can be inconvenient, difficult to travel with, and many people seem to find them, especially those high in the B complex, to have a pungent taste. Recently technology has developed a capsule in which true liquids can be kept. This now gives us the benefit of both possible worlds. Firstly, the convenience of a capsule and secondly the absorption benefits of the liquid. We now can deliver men’s vitality supplements, women’s vitality supplements, healthy aging supplements, stress supplements, as well as nutrients for appetite control and even mood support in a liquid capsule. The best vitamins for energy would include high B complex, which had always been an issue in liquid supplements because of their potentially offensive taste. Now we can deliver the benefits of high B vitamins, the best vitamins for energy, without the B complex taste.