The new and improved Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps. As many of you have already discovered; our new Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps are pretty amazing. We now can offer the high absorption of the liquid together with the convenience of a capsule. Our liquid filled capsules are completely sealed and are ideal for both home use and for traveling. While we can’t get the full range of nutrients in the small capsules that we can in our liquid formula our new liquid filled caps offer an excellent alternative for those on the go or for those who simply prefer not to take a liquid supplement.

Since their introduction the new Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps have continuously sold out, forcing the need for immediate reordering. As a formulator, I am most pleased with this recent development and it is just one of several new and improved formulas that we will be releasing over the next few months. It was time to take a look at some of our existing formulas and even as good as they were, some of them could be improved by the addition of other ingredients, which are supported by current scientific research.

In every instance we feel that the additions made to our flagship formulas will improve their function ability. The new Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps, in liquid form, are already making waves of their own, with people reporting increased energy, alertness and an overall sense of well-being. I have increased the B complex for extra energy as well as the vitamin D since research is showing the majority of us are severely vitamin D deficient. If you haven’t had the chance to try the new Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps you should do so right away. You will find their benefits and their energy enhancing properties to be a pleasant addition to your daily wellness routine.