Food Cravings & Weight Loss

The Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter Campaign

There are potentially many complications that can arise within the complex biochemistry of the human body when it comes to normalizing body weight. These issues can make weight loss far more difficult than it need be. Over the past several years, working with hundreds of people in weight loss programs across the country, we have identified many of these common pitfalls that can greatly slow or prevent weight loss.

We now have the ability to identify these issues and address them so that they will not continue to sabotage the person’s weight management goals. This new book will discuss and help you identify the top ten reasons why people fail at weight loss and how to eliminate those factors such as food cravings, before you diet and before you get frustrated and give up. Imagine if you could know these things before you start your weight loss program? Imagine if you could address these issues and eliminate or control them before you start?

How much easier would such a program be? Well that’s exactly what the Weight Management Revolution will do! Everything that can go wrong has been addressed so that your pathway to a healthy body weight can be the shortest and the most pleasant possible. Make sure to visit and contribute to The Weight Management Revolution Kickstarter Campaign. Check back next month for more information about Weight Gain and Candida Diets. Please share on twitter use the hashtag #TheWeightManagementRevolution.

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