February is Heart Disease Month

February is Heart Disease month, and in spite of all the medical advancements in cardiovascular research heart disease remains the number one killer in most industrialized nations. This is primarily because medicine is looking to “manage” heart disease rather than address the causes. The biggest factor is blocked arteries. For decades cholesterol has been blamed for the blockages but in truth while excess cholesterol in the wrong form may contribute to the problem in the advanced stages cholesterol does NOT actually cause Heart Disease!! This process is a long chain of events that lead up to the blocking of arterial blood flow. In order to address the cause of this problem many key nutrients are needed. Check out my video Heart Disease & Oral Chelation

Heart Wisdom – is the cardiovascular support formula we developed here at our Research Institute. It addresses this support in a variety of ways. The formula contains nutrients, which have been shown to help keep the arteries flexible while providing other key nutrients that help the body to naturally remove plaque buildup along the artery walls. This formula may be used as a multi supplement on an ongoing basis for those who may be at greater risk or it can be used for 6 months on and off for prevention and check back soon for more information about Heart Disease Month.

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