End of Summer Detox

For many, regular detoxification can have multiple benefits while for others less often may also suffice. There are two times during the year where we definitely recommend a detoxification program. The first is in January after the long holiday season, which likely brought many indiscretions in diet, routine, and lifestyle. The second is an End of Summer Detox because during the summer months our routines change and certainly are diets change. We often consume foods that we normally would not in quantities that we would not and many of these foods fall into the junk food category because of vacations, trips to the beach, and other activities. The buildup of toxins from these changes can make us sluggish and otherwise feeling less prepared for the upcoming fall and winter season. A detoxification program can be anything from a simple three day activity to something considerably longer. Here in our Institute we recommend two forms of detoxification programs. The first is of lesser invasion and consists of altering the diet to consume only alkaline forming foods for a week. These would include fruits and vegetables and minimal amounts of grains and proteins. The second detox program that we utilize involves a three day fast where nothing but water and lemon juice is consumed. After that 72 hour period food groups are reintroduced slowly beginning with juicing on day four, fruits and vegetables on days five and six, steamed grains on days seven and eight, and by day nine or 10 whole protein foods should be reintroduced. In either case the use of a multifaceted detoxification supplement is essential in order to obtain the best possible results. Many people consider a colon cleanse to be an ideal detoxification and as far as it goes it likely is but there are many other organs and systems within the body responsible and involved in storing and eliminating toxins. These would include the liver, kidneys, bowel, bladder, and colon. A detox supplement should address all these organs of elimination simultaneously. Through the addition of a good detoxification supplement the benefits of a detox program can be magnified many times. Check back next week for more information about a total body detox.