Dr Whiting on the Dr Oz Weight Loss Show

Recently Dr Oz aired a show on weight loss and focused on different body types and how their weight loss programs should be customized. This is a big step forward from the old paradigm of “calories in and calories out” but it still didn’t go far enough. Each body type was addressed by specific types of foods and that is great as far as it goes but there is more to body typing than just food intake.

The biggest reason for obesity is a condition called insulin resistance. Unfortunately this was not fully addressed in the show. There was a group or “type” called the sugar type but nothing was mentioned about the cause of this issue, which is insulin resistance. This major problem must be addressed by food of course but also by supplementation, which was not mentioned at all. Insulin resistance can be very well controlled with key nutrients that include chromium and vanadium and two trace minerals among other nutrients.

In another segment they were showing how a psychologist worked with a sugar addict to try and break the cycle. It did not work very well. The best way to break a sugar addiction is by eliminating sugars but also controlling insulin response levels through proper supplementation. Here at our Research Institute we have been helping thousands of individuals get control over their obesity and sugar addiction for over 30+ years.

The best way to accomplish this is a combination of diet, exercise, and most importantly the proper supplements. To find out how we may be able to help you go take our Weight Management Survey.

We will be able to advise you on a plan that will be best for your body to achieve the fastest and safest results. 1-888-454-8464. Articles next month will include Cholesterol Awareness Month so check back.

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