Dr Whiting with Denise Mueller & Project Speed

Denise Mueller, the young lady in this video should be an inspiration to us all. She is a world class athlete, a mother of three, and has a full time job, and now she is training to do what no woman has ever attempted – break the world land speed record on a bike!!!

Here at our Institute we spend the majority of our time working with people with chronic degenerative conditions, but we also work with world class athletes helping them to train, recover, and compete at their best possible level. Denise should be an inspiration to all of us to continue to pursue our Passions and live our lives to the very fullest. Athletes like Denise and her coach John Howard, who is still competing and winning at 68 years of age, are a testimony to what key dietary supplements can help you achieve. Both John and Denise have seen a vast difference in their training and ability to recover from training. If supplementation can do this for them at their level, just think of what it can do for the rest of us!!

Watch my video with her Dr Whiting with Denise Mueller & Project Speed

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