Dr. Oz and Magnesium

Recently on the Dr Oz show there was an extensive discussion of the mineral magnesium. As most nutritionists know, magnesium is a key major mineral for health and well-being within the human body. It is responsible for a host of activities at many levels. Some of the many things discussed on the program were magnesium’s role in such disorders as diabetes as well as its role in better and deeper sleep. Magnesium plays a key role not only at the biochemical level but also on a larger scale due to its relationship with other major minerals such as calcium, potassium, and others.

Supplements to support better management of diabetes should also include the mineral magnesium as well as the mineral calcium. It has long been known that a glass of warm milk before bed can help bring a more restful sleep. This is because of the higher amounts of calcium and magnesium found in dairy milk. Today we know we can get the same benefit without the lactose and the calories by taking a supplement that provides calcium and magnesium. The best magnesium supplements would also include calcium. When we consider the use of these major minerals in increasing bone density and preventing bone loss the proper ratio of calcium to magnesium to potassium is essential. Therefore, the best calcium supplements would also include the other two key minerals as well as trace elements, which have proven to increase bone density and prevent bone loss. These would include manganese, copper zinc, boron, and especially strontium. By including all of these elements in one balanced chelated bio-available formula we can attain many potential benefits including better bone density, better sleep, diabetes support, and a greater balance of the key electrolytes necessary for the body’s bio-electrical system.

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