How Your Digestive System Works

Digestion of foods takes place in different parts of your system and each has a specific job to do. Protein foods and major minerals such as calcium and magnesium are broken down and absorbed in the stomach. The stomach is naturally an acidic organ and provides the ideal environment for the breakdown of proteins. When we take antacids to relieve indigestion we are effectively stopping the body’s ability to break down proteins and absorb major minerals. The result of this process over time is protein deficiency, premature aging, loss of collagen proteins, heart rhythm disturbances, and bone loss. The stomach pH is critically important to wellness.

Once proteins are broken down and absorbed the remaining food, mostly carbohydrates exists the stomach for the small intestines. Here in the small intestines alkaline environment carbohydrates are broken down and eventually converted to glucose for energy. Should partially digested proteins escape the stomach and enter the small intestines there is no further opportunity for their digestion to continue since the pH of the small intestine is very alkaline.

Most of the damage to our digestive system has come about as the result of years of poor eating habits. Combining concentrated proteins together with concentrated carbohydrates at the same time results in the fermentation of foods internally and the process of digestive breakdown occurs. Because we consume a diet largely made up of dead lifeless overcooked foods the enzymes naturally present in every food are destroyed and this places an increased burden on the digestive system to manufacture enough enzymes to complete the digestive process. One way to begin improving your digestion is to not consume carbohydrates with proteins at the same meal. This can be difficult since almost everything we eat provides both food groups in one food or one meal. For this reason we find that the use of a broad spectrum digestive aid that addresses all food groups plus supports a healthy stomach pH is necessary. These natural formulas are not only safer than antacids, which have multiple side effects, but can actually “heal” a damaged digestive system in relatively a short period of time. Check out Digest Aid the formula we developed and have used with thousands of clients over the years with great results. More information about acid reflux and enzymes coming next week and make sure to check out my video Indigestion, Acid Reflux, and Hearthburn.

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