Why Diets Fail And How To Reach Your Weight Goals

It seems that everyone is dieting. Some of us find ourselves searching for ways to make dieting easier and go from one program to the other. There is a scientific way to approach dieting and in doing so making small changes can make a big difference. There are several reasons why we fail at diets. There are psychological reasons and physiological reasons. There are proven ways to make dieting easier. Two big reasons why we fail at weight loss include food cravings, especially for sugar, and the production of starvation hormones, which slow metabolism.

Food cravings come primarily from unstable blood sugar levels. These can be addressed and managed very well with key nutrients such as chromium and vanadium, which are both in GlucoCrave. It is proven to lower insulin levels and control cravings for sugars and starches. We also use this formula to help reverse type II diabetes.

Starvation hormones are produced when either too little food is consumed or when nutrients are missing from the diet. By supplying the body with the 100+ nutrients that it needs every day, we can eliminate starvation hormone production and a slowed metabolism. Our High Vitality Liquid is the best vitamin formula for energy. The vitamins for energy are numerous and High Vitality provides them all.

By using these two formulas you will find it much easier to keep on track with your weight loss program. Consistency is vital for weight loss success. You cannot follow a program for a month or two and expect to necessarily reach your goal. For this reason you should consider going on auto-order with these two formulas. That way you will automatically receive them every month and won’t have think about it.

Lastly if you are confused about which diet program may be best for you let me help you. Go take my Weight Management Test. This test will give me the information I need to design the best weight loss program based on your body chemistry.

Order the High Vitality and/or the GlucoCrave in the next two weeks and you will receive my book on Controlling blood sugar and making dieting easier absolutely FREE!! Just ask for the book when you order.

You can order these formulas and get my FREE book by calling Phoenix Nutritionals at 1-800-440-2390.

Let’s work together to make this year the year you conquer your weight issues and if you are diabetic, control your blood sugar at the same time! Check back next month for information about the best vitamins for energy.

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