Diabetic Food List

I have been working on creating and gathering recipes and a Diabetic Food List that would be suitable for the overweight carbohydrate intolerant, those with hypoglycemia and of course the Diabetic.

Diabetic food list – Download and Print

This attachment is the first rough draft of this project and I wanted to make it available to get feedback on the concept. Eating correctly and restricting carbohydrate intake is critical for these individuals and, along with proper supplements, is at the heart of controlling these issues naturally. Since it is a New Year and the biggest weight loss season, it seemed like a good time to release this. So many people trying to lose weight complain of boredom – having to eat the same foods over and over. This could not be farther from the truth!! There are thousands of lower carbohydrate recipes available and the ones I have included will allow you to eat like a gourmet and still keep your carbohydrates in control. Check back soon for our complete diabetic food list soon.

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