December Health Features

December is a month in which we often consume more sugar rich foods and other abuses than at any other time of the year. For this reason we are featuring three products that all have detoxification properties in different ways. Detoxifying after food and lifestyle abuses is often the fastest way to get back on track for the New Year.

Fibromyalgia Support Kit – The symptoms associated with fibromyalgia are essentially the same symptoms as experienced by those who are excessively toxic. In fact our research has established that fibromyalgia is in fact nothing more than excess toxins built up in the soft tissues. This Kit provides supplements to detoxify the body at both the cellular as well as the systemic levels. We have used this program with hundreds of fibromyalgia sufferers and we have observed an 86% elimination of symptoms by doing so.

Liquid Essentials – Trace minerals are not only the largest group of nutrients – over 70 – but they are also often the most deficient due to soil depletion and over processing of foods. We include these trace minerals in our group of detoxifying supplements because they have the ability to chelate or remove any heavy metals being stored in the soft tissues.

Oxy Aloe – Most people think of our Oxy supplement as it relates to eliminating human yeast overgrowth but in fact this supplement has many potential benefits. Oxygen is the universal detoxifier and as such can help reduce and eliminate toxins found in food, water, and the environment. The use of 1 ounce once or twice a day can keep the internal environment of your body squeaky clean.

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