Complications of Diabetes

Over time diabetes can cause a host of problems. In fact diabetes has often been referred to as the “noninfectious leprosy” of modern times because it can slowly attack and damage many areas of the body. Common problems from diabetes that is not controlled include nerve damage, kidney problems, cardiovascular damage, and eye damage that can lead to blindness.

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Controlling diabetes is essential in reducing or preventing these damages from occurring. Diet, exercise, and the right targeted supplements are essential in this process. Drugs alone rarely control this condition without serious side effects. Insulin by injection should only be used in the most severe cases as this too can contribute to another set of unpleasant side effects over time. You can also take my FREE Glucose Quiz.

Here at The Institute we have been using our diabetes protocol with great success, for over 30 years. Our early research revolved around glucose metabolism disorders, which included obesity, PCOS, hypoglycemia, and of course type 2 diabetes. I talk about this in my special report called Diabetes: The Fastest Growing Epidemic Worldwide.

The progression to diabetes often takes a long time and many steps but because people are not educated as to the pre-diabetes warning signs they continue their destructive lifestyle habits and March ever closer to full blown diabetes eventually. Most people will start out with a condition called insulin resistance. This causes weight gain, especially around the mid-section. It is caused by the over-production of the hormone insulin, which over time, can damage receptor sites, requiring ever increasing amounts of insulin to remove blood sugar. The more sugar forming foods you consume, the worse insulin resistance will become. Please take 5 minutes to view my video Diabetes and Hypoglycemia.

The next step is often called Syndrome X. This is a cluster of issues that we almost always find together in the pre-diabetic individual. These include obesity, intense cravings for sugar foods, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol due to the effect blood sugar and insulin have on the liver.

It is essential to protect the body from the damaging effects of insulin and blood sugar in order to prevent these many complications. Begin by taking a good high potency Full Spectrum supplement every day. Make absolutely sure that it provides therapeutic doses of antioxidant nutrients as insulin resistance produces high amounts of chemicals called free radicals, which can further accelerate the damage to many parts of the body. We suggest you look at our High Vitality Liquid Full Spectrum formula as it is very high in protecting antioxidants. That along with Blood Sugar Support you will have a combination to get the best results possible. Check back often for the latest nutrition articles and be sure to take a minute to review the Clinical References for GlucoCrave.

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