Colloidal Minerals Supplement

Ionic colloidal minerals derived from plant sources, are the oldest dietary supplements sold, dating back to the 1920’s. These micro trace minerals have many potential benefits to the body, one of which is their ability to accelerate healing of injuries. Early experiments at the University of New York demonstrated that by passing a specific electrical current through injured tissues, their repair was accelerated. Ionic, plant-sourced minerals bear this same electrical charge and because of their small particle size, can reach even the smallest cell structures and help support accelerated healing.

We first were able to demonstrate this ability with the legendary pro cyclist John Howard. An injury put him out of training for up to twelve weeks according to his doctors. We started him on very high doses of the ionic minerals and he was back training again in six weeks instead of twelve!! Since that time we have helped many dozens of athletes and weekend warriors to both prevent injuries and accelerate the healing of existing problems through the addition of these ionic plant based minerals.

The human body is an electrical organism that must generate an electrical charge constantly to power the brain, heart, and central nervous system. This charge comes from the interaction of electrolyte minerals. Many of these key trace minerals have been deficient in our diet for decades due to poor farming techniques. By replacing these elements in supplement form we can assist the body in re-establishing a stronger bio-electrical charge. When the soft tissues of the body are properly saturated with these minerals they are much more resistant to injuries. Because these plant based minerals are ionically charged, they also have the ability to accelerate faster healing via their effect on cell structures. Check back next month for info on colloidal trace minerals supplement.

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