Colds & Flu Season Testimonials

Tis the season for sniffles and worse. But you can arm yourself and provide protection by stimulating and nourishing your immune system naturally. There are several factors that can affect how your immune system will function. Weather changes, foreign microbes carried on the jet stream around the world, excess stress, and poor nutrition can all eat away at your body’s immune system. It is how fast your immune system can react to an invading microbe that will first determine if you will catch that cold or never even know that you were exposed to it. The changing air currents, the stress of life, the stress of the holiday season, and poor eating habits each contributes to what we call the cold and flu season but take heart there is something you can do. Provide your immune system with the nutrients to both nourish and stimulate immune function and, like the lady below, you may be amazed that this season you will be cold and flu free even if others around you are not.

The formula we developed to accomplish this is called ImmuGuard and you can get it from Phoenix Nutritionals. Check back next month for articles on Immune Health. Should you have any questions on this or other health related subjects you can reach my office at 1-888-454-8464

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