Cholesterol Drugs Make List of Most Dangerous Drugs

We have been saying forever that statin and statin like drugs are among the most dangerous in the pharmacopoeia. The drug watch group just released their top 12 most dangerous drugs and guess what? Two of them are statins!! We told you so!

Lopid and Zocor, two drugs widely used to lower both cholesterol and triglycerides, made the list of drugs with the most dangerous complications. That’s two out of only twelve. Side effects include cramps, irregular blood panels, bone loss, and of course irreversible liver damage!

There has been a cholesterol witch hunt for decades, often causing more health problems than it has prevented. Keep in mind that with all the millions of prescriptions for statin drugs, the incidence of heart disease has not gone down by even a percentage point.

Elevated cholesterol is a liver problem and must be addressed as such. Our formula that we developed has helped thousands of people to normalize their blood lipids without damaging their liver or experiencing any of the other many side effects of these terrible drugs. Check out this formula called Cholest Eze. Check back next month for information about the best liquid vitamins and how they are more absorbable than tablets.

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