Cholesterol Awareness Month

Since this is cholesterol awareness month it seems fitting that we offer some insight as to what elevated cholesterol actually means. We have been told for decades that elevated cholesterol is a dietary problem and that if significantly elevated, can become a major cause of heart disease. These so called “facts” are not totally true however. Of all the cholesterol in your body at any time only about 20% of it comes from your diet. The rest is manufactured in the liver.

If your cholesterol is significantly elevated this is not totally a dietary issue directly but rather a liver problem. This is why statin drugs can be so effective yet so dangerous. Keep in mind that there is no evidence that cholesterol at any level actually causes heart disease or increase ones risk of heart disease. The standard American diet is filled with unhealthy fats, which affect the liver and its ability to regulate cholesterol production. Fortunately we can assist the body in detoxifying the liver while supporting the removal of excess cholesterol from the blood.

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Controlling Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Dr Whiting on Cholesterol Management

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