The REAL Cause of Heart Disease

There is so much misinformation about heart disease everywhere, from the internet to your own doctor. After decades of research and treatment options more people die of heart disease today than any other single cause. Why? Well the answer is a simple one; that being medicine is looking to manage heart disease rather than prevent it.

There is copious research to illustrate the real causes of heart disease, namely atherosclerosis, yet medicine clings to its old paradigms of cholesterol and saturated fats. We have driven dangerously down the cholesterol levels of millions of people with the horrible drugs called statins. We have forcibly changed the diets of millions from natural saturated fats to rancid vegetable oils and yet heart disease remains the number one killer.

It is these pseudo science concepts that we refuse to give up that keep millions on the pathway to heart disease and premature death. To find out the facts about heart disease and what you can do to prevent it download my special report Heart Disease, The Real Cause, The Real Answer, and check back next week for more information on Cardio Vascular Support Supplements.

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