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Fasting. Is it safe?

The concept of fasting, while not new at all, has taken front and center stage once again. This is likely due to the wonderful work of Dr. Jason Fung MD. In his books The Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code, he outlines very carefully and very scientifically the benefits from what he calls intermittent fasting. He proves conclusively that controlled intermittent fasting cannot only accelerate weight loss when combined with a low carbohydrate diet program, but also is highly beneficial for type II diabetics that are being managed by lifestyle and/or lifestyle and Metformin only. We must keep in mind that when considering intermittent fasting the potential for producing a situation that could result in the production of starvation hormones by the body becomes very real. For this reason, here at our research center we always recommend that our weight management clients use a full-spectrum dietary supplement on a daily basis.

There are at least 100 and possibly more nutrients that are needed for optimal health and wellness and according to the National Institutes of Health, most of us are at least 50% deficient in the optimal level of these nutrients. When considering a full-spectrum supplement you will want to choose one that provides the minimum of 100 nutrients, which includes vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, and phytonutrients. The best full-spectrum vitamins might possibly be in liquid form. Liquid vitamins have the additional benefit of potentially increased absorption, which can be helpful especially in individuals over the age of 50. So, we return to our question is fasting safe? The answer is yes, if you do it right. Keeping in mind that too much of a good thing is rarely beneficial, this would also apply to fasting, meaning that if 24 or 36 hour fasting is beneficial, longer may not necessarily be better. We have used intermittent fasting at our research center on thousands of clients over the many years and have found it to be beneficial and effective, a great tool in addition to a low carbohydrate dietary program. Check back next week for more information about The Best Weight Management System.

Most Asked Health Questions

Why is losing weight so much harder than gaining it?

Well, we gain weight through self-abuse and we fail to lose weight through genuine ignorance. Weight management is a science just like many other things. It is necessary for you to understand how your body utilizes foods, how it stores energy, and how to balance stored energy with usable energy. For the best results and greatest long-term success find a cutting edge institution that can design a weight management program for you without the old paradigms that have failed for decades.

What should someone look for when buying a multivitamin mineral formula?

To make it simple, your body requires at least 100 nutrients on a daily basis for optimal wellness. These include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids, and key plant extracts. It can be difficult to find a single formula that provides all of these nutrient groups. This concept we call full-spectrum nutrition. We are pioneers in this concept as far back as 1991 and have made full-spectrum formulas for a variety of companies over the years that meet these specifications. By doing so, we not only ensure that all the nutrients the body needs are present but we can do so in a convenient and economical manner. By putting all these nutrients into one supplement it avoids the cost and inconvenience of having to take multiple formulas in order to achieve full-spectrum nutrition.

Which nutrients are the best for someone with type II diabetes?

Of course when we think of diabetes we almost instantly think of chromium due to its effect on blood sugar and insulin. While chromium is very effective, there are other nutrients that belong or should belong to this family as well. These include the trace mineral vanadium, cinnamon extract, and aspartic acid, to name a few. By utilizing these known nutrients in the right combinations and ratios we can enhance the benefit, far exceeding the use of single nutrients alone.

What role do nutrients play in regulating cholesterol?

Everything! Cholesterol, or the majority of it, is manufactured by your body in the liver. Because of this, addressing liver function and liver wellness is essential. Dietary changes most often have a minimal effect on total cholesterol levels. This is because the less cholesterol forming foods you consume the more your liver tends to manufacture. The goal is to retrain the liver so it manufactures adequate cholesterol for bodily functions but not to excess.

Why do dietitians insist that we can get all our nutrients from our diet?

I have no idea why they continue to say that. Repeated analysis by such organizations as the national institutes of health have shown that the standard American diet provides less than 50% of the majority of essential nutrients that we need for optimal wellness. We have destroyed the nutrient food chain, which began with the depletion of our farmland soils, eliminating most of the micro trace elements necessary for plant health. This in turn created deficiencies in the animals that consumed these products. The chain then went all the way up to humans. When you add long-term storage, over processing, overheating, and chemical additives, the results have been devastating.

Is there something that can be done four persistent digestive problems?

Digestive disorders, which can include feelings of fullness, belching, burping, heartburn, and even acid reflux, are most often the result of a in balance in the pH of the digestive system. This can often be easily addressed through the use of a multifaceted digestive support formula, which provides enzymes or enzyme precursor agents as well as natural acids to rebalance the pH of the digestive system, allowing natural, healthy digestion to take place once again.

Can arthritis because by a lack of nutrients?

Common osteoarthritis is almost 100% nutrient deficiency related. Arthritis in a joint begins by the breakdown of cartilage tissue, which is not being sufficiently rebuilt. The body needs several nutrients in order to ensure that cartilage tissue, worn down through years of activity, can continue to be replaced at the rate in which it is required. We know that there are several nutrients that can be helpful in this process. They include glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, as well as several key minerals such as calcium and magnesium. By combining these and other key nutrients the progression of arthritic situations can often be halted, slowed, or even reversed.

How do I choose the best multivitamin supplement?

We feel that for a baseline full-spectrum multi supplement it should be, in some form in a liquid delivery system. This would include liquid supplements as well as liquid gel capsules, which can provide the absorption of the liquid and the convenience of a capsule. Next, it is important to ensure that the supplement provides all of the necessary nutrients to the body. There are at least 100, and perhaps more, nutrients that have been identified as being essential to the living system of the body. Not all supplement products have been created equally, so it’s wise to read labels and to consult professionals.

When is the best time to take dietary supplements?

For the most part, with a few exceptions, all dietary supplements should be taken with meals. Since absorption is the first key to nutrient benefit, taking your supplements with food at mealtime helps to ensure that the body’s digestive system is in the best possible position for uptake and absorption. Also by using supplements that are in micro thin capsules or in liquid suspension we can further address the absorption issue. Unless you’re supplement specifically indicates that it should be taken on an empty stomach, you should always take your supplements with meals.

What are the best sources for mineral supplements?

Major minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and others are best supplemented if they have been processed through chelation. Chelating minerals, usually with an acid, helps to increase their absorption and uptake to the tissues of the body. Trace minerals and micro trace minerals are best absorbed from plant sources. There are several plant derived mineral supplements, mostly in liquid form, that meet this requirement. By using plant source to trace minerals you can help ensure not only absorption but greatly reducing the risk of toxicity since the body knows how to handle organic compounds as opposed to heavy metals.

What are High potency liquid vitamins?

When we talk about my concept of full-spectrum nutrition we must also discuss how we’re going to accomplish that. I originally claimed that phrase nearly 30 years ago after I finished my research on the relationship between one nutrient and another. I found that full-spectrum nutrition had to include at least 100 nutrients because of their relationship to each other and their functions. For example, vitamins must have key trace minerals present at the same time in order to achieve their own biological function. In turn, minerals are interrelated and cannot do their job unless others are present. This is true with a great many nutrients and as such fragmented nutrition is far less effective and beneficial. When deciding on how to deliver these many nutrients to the living system of the body we experimented with several delivery systems, including powders, tablets, and capsules. We ultimately settled on liquid for the perfect delivery system. Because of the chemistry involved, high potency liquid vitamins were the answer. The freedom we had to expand both the number of nutrients and their potency was much higher in a liquid suspension. We were finally able to achieve full-spectrum nutrition by using high potency liquid vitamins. Because of the flexibility this formula turned out to be the best supplement for men and the best supplement for women because we can include all the specifics for each. Our full-spectrum nutrition concept has evolved over the years in totality, taste, and consistency. Today’s formulation represents the latest evolution in high potency liquid vitamins. Because we can deliver all the baseline nutrients in one formula the cost and convenience are also there. A single product is far more economical, as well as being convenient to use. I am pleased that Phoenix nutritionals has decided to put this concept into their product line. I invite you to take a look and see what true full-spectrum nutrition is all about.

What is the most powerful full-spectrum multivitamin supplement available?

When looking for a baseline full-spectrum formula it’s essential that you read labels. High vitality liquid full-spectrum vitamin provides over 136 nutrients to the living system of the body in an easy to take highly absorbable delivery system.

What nutrients are good for the cold and flu season?

Nutritional science has identified several key nutrients that have shown an immune boosting effect. These include but are not limited to beta glucagon, mushroom extracts, and many herbal derivatives. If you get more than one cold or the flu every few years your immune system may be crying for help. Consider using our immune support formula

What are the nutrients most needed for vegetarians and vegans?

It is difficult for vegetarians and vegans to get adequate amounts of whole protein. This is because most vegetable proteins are what we call incomplete in their amino acids. Further, nutrients like the B complex especially vitamin B12, vitamin D, and to a lesser extent vitamin A are often found to be deficient in these individuals. Taking a full-spectrum dietary supplement will help to ensure that their nutrient intake is fully balanced.

What are the key nutrients for accelerating healing in the body?

The acceleration of healing especially from injuries caused by sprains and other physical and or athletic activities can be accomplished through the use of organic anionic colloidal plant derived trace minerals. These minerals have been shown, due to their bioelectrical activity, to accelerate the healing of bones and connective tissues. Studies done with professional athletes have shown that these minerals can reduce healing time by as much as 40%.

Nutritional science has identified several key nutrients that have shown an immune boosting effect. These include but are not limited to beta glucagon, mushroom extracts, and many herbal derivatives. If you get more than one cold or the flu every few years your immune system may be crying for help.

What is a better alternative to high energy drinks?

For quite some time now the so-called energy drinks have been all the rage. In fact, they have become so popular and so successful that they sponsor many activities and events around the country. Unfortunately, many of the events they sponsor are primarily geared toward younger people. It seems that every so often a new energy drink hits the market even more super and more powerful than the ones before. The monster drinks, red bulls, full throttle, and of course the five hour energy drink in those cute little bottles in every convenience store, are peddled with great aggressiveness. These drinks are not as innocuous as they may seem on the surface. The high amounts of caffeine combined with sugar can, for some, be a dangerous combination. Some of the side effects of excessive caffeine include dehydration, nervousness, and sleep disturbances. Inability to focus and concentrate can also be a problem. So why are these drinks so popular? Everyone wants more energy and the reason for that is that we are living a life and a lifestyle that depletes our energy at many levels and instead of addressing the causes of energy depletion we look for quick fixes to boost our stamina. The primary cause behind a lack of energy is a loss of key nutrients due to the standard American diet and its inability to provide even baseline nutrition. By supplementing the diet with a full-spectrum supplement we not only can get natural increases in energy, but we can address the causes of loss of energy at the same time. There are many full-spectrum or pseudo full-spectrum formulas on the market. The one that we have had the best success with is in a liquid form and developed by us about 15 years ago. It is currently being offered through a company in California called Phoenix nutritionals. I invite you to take a look at this amazing formulation and compare it to anything else you may be taking at the present time. You will find that almost nothing on the market comes even close to completeness, totality, and potency. Also, because it’s in a liquid form it enters the bloodstream very quickly and the body is able to direct those nutrients in the proper places where they need to be.

What is the difference between Starvation and weight loss?

Since we are individuals who most often seek immediate gratification and immediate results for anything we undertake, this can have devastating results when it comes to dieting. For most of us and for most things that we enjoy or crave our thought process is wired to think if a little’s good more is better. When it comes to weight loss, we seem to apply this principle but in the reverse meaning if a little is good less would be better. Nothing could be further from the truth. For individuals who choose to follow the low-calorie concept for weight loss starvation is a real potential problem. When we consume too few calories for too long a period of time the body sees this situation as a form of starvation. This comes from our genetic ancestors who did not have wide varieties of over-processed junk food available 24 hours a day. Instead, they had long periods, depending on where they lived, with little or no food. Over time, the body chemistry began to adapt to this situation and automatically slowed metabolism to almost hibernation during the long fasting winter months. This ability allowed many to survive the long winters of famine who might otherwise have perished. Even though we share this genetic ability today it is rarely if ever necessary. When we go on a low-calorie diet if the calories dip too low for too long the body will see that as an impending famine and will began to slow your metabolism. This is not a situation that someone wishing to lose weight can use. Often times when we plateau it is due to starvation hormone activity. Instead of increasing calories temporarily we often reduce calories further and further, inducing weight loss but ultimately creating greater states of starvation internally. Each time this occurs your body chemistry slows its metabolism for longer periods of time. When you finally began to eat again in a more normal manner the body will see this as the end of the famine and will began to pack on excess energy in the form of body fat in preparation for the next famine that might occur. This concept explains why calorie dieters often regain their lost weight and more every time they go through this process because the body is trying to create a greater storehouse of energy that will last through a longer famine. There is a right way and a wrong way to use calories for weight loss. The first thing that you should do is to determine what body type you are because the majority of overweight people and virtually all obese people are not calorie sensitive at all but rather carbohydrate intolerant. This means that they have elevated insulin levels in their system almost constantly, which is preventing them from accessing stored body fat for fuel. Before you consider a weight loss program you should arm yourself with knowledge about how your body handles foods. Doing so will increase your chances of being ultimately successful in the safest and shortest period of time possible. You can take our no-cost weight management evaluation on our research.

What is Chromium?

In this season of weight loss more people than at any other time began to take up the gauntlet to lose weight once again. Year after year millions of people attempt to do this and yet a very small percentage actually succeed. There are many reasons for this, but noncompliance is probably one of them at the top of the list. We grow weary of what seems to be like endless dieting, having to avoid the foods that we most enjoy. One of the greatest pitfalls for the dieter are the often-constant cravings, especially for starch and sugary foods. These can be so intense that it can cripple the dieter and force them to go for the sugary foods and starchy carbohydrates over and over again. As a biochemist I can assure you that there are several nutrients which can help control and even in eradicate these intense cravings. At the heart of this nutrient group is a trace mineral called chromium. This trace mineral has been called the glucose sparing nutrient, which means that he can help modulate blood sugar, avoiding spikes and falls. By combining chromium with other nutrients such as vanadium, and aspartic acid, we can intensify this beneficial effect by also addressing insulin levels in the bloodstream. When starchy and sugary foods are consumed your body produces insulin in response. For many people this response is controlled and produces relatively little side effect. For many others however, the end result of constant insulin stimulation is overweight and obesity because the primary function of insulin is to remove blood sugar and convert it to a fat called triglycerides, which are ultimately stored in your fat cells. Since there is no regulatory process for this, the condition can continue indefinitely, producing massively overweight and obese individuals. Controlling cravings is just one factor of supporting those who need to lose weight, but if we can also help the body to control excessive insulin production, we can increase insulin receptor site function, lowering insulin naturally. The end result of controlled insulin production is an increase in the mobilization of energy from fat cells. This can be one of the shortest and most permanent pathways to weight loss. We have used a specialized formula containing these nutrients and several others not only to assist those wishing to shed weight but also for the many type II diabetics whose primary cause of their disorder is rampant excessive insulin production. By controlling this insulin production, we can drop the diabetics blood sugar within the normal range without the need for other interferences.

Digestive Problems Symptoms

Problems with Digestion or Digestive Problems Symptoms can be many and is the single most reported annoyance in the vast majority of people. Since May was digestion awareness month, it is a good time to discuss ways to prevent and even reverse many common digestive problems. Issues like indigestion and acid reflux are almost invariably caused by a lack of stomach acid not an excess. By neutralizing what little stomach acid is present through antacids, we can bring about relief but ultimately set ourselves up for a wider variety of issues such as mineral depletion, bone loss, and premature aging. A far better way to address these digestive problems is with a multipurpose broad-spectrum digestive enzyme supplement. Digestive aids are quite popular and can oftentimes work as well or better than antacid preparations without the long-term side effects. Symptoms of early indigestion often include bloating, belching, burping, and feelings of fullness. These are indications that food is remaining in the stomach too long and is fermenting. By increasing natural stomach acids, the digestive process in the stomach is accelerated and the majority of these annoying symptoms may be prevented. The best digestive enzymes would also include precursor agents to assist the body in the manufacture of enzymes to digest proteins, fats, as well is carbohydrates. Even when digestive disturbances have advanced to the point where someone is suffering from acid reflux a good maximum digestive enzyme formula can often eliminate that problem in a very short period of time. Our broad-spectrum digestive support formula provides all of these factors in one convenient supplement, making it the best maximum digestive enzyme supplement currently available.

National Arthritis Awareness Month 2019

It’s National Arthritis Awareness Month 2019 time to make people aware of their options for both preventing and managing arthritic conditions. It is important to address arthritic conditions as early on as possible since much of the damage done to joint and connective tissue from this disorder is often irreversible.

Listen to my Arthritis Podcast Below:

There are a variety of joint support nutrients such as glucosamine and chondroitin, which can help to rebuild cartilage tissue in compromised areas. A good joint supplement should also provide nutrients for connective tissue as this is often an issue as well. Much of the pain from arthritis comes from inflammation, therefore it is important to also address this with proven natural anti-inflammatory nutrients. The best supplements for joints therefore would be as broad spectrum as possible, providing raw materials to assist the body in rebuilding cartilage tissue, while also addressing the inflammatory response. Here at our Institute we have done a great deal of research into both arthritic issues as well as inflammation and we have an ideal system to address both of these factors naturally, which has provided hundreds and hundreds of people with joint pain relief as well as an increased ability to rebuild cartilage tissue. Check back next week for more information about arthritis and silent inflammation.

Bre Payton Dies at 26 From Swine Flu

We are reminded once again about the dangers or potential dangers of the various strains of the flu virus. The H1N1 flu virus recently claimed the life of a 26-year-old female. Bre Payton a broadcast journalist, succumbed to this virus with no apparent warning whatsoever. The debate rages on over whether to get a flu shot or not. The purpose of our discussion today is not to make that determination since that is a personal choice for each person.

Our discussion revolves around other factors that you can do to strengthen your immune system to help it defend you against all sorts of pathogens, no matter what they are. We know for example, that even the flu shot cannot protect you from all strains of the virus so it would make sense to strengthen your own internal Department of Defense, which does have the ability to protect you if it remains strong. There are key nutrients which have been proven to support and boost immune function. Here in our research center we have developed a multifaceted broad-spectrum Best Immune Support Supplement, which has proven over the many years to have protected people against colds, the flu, and a wide variety of other potential pathogens. Check back next week for more information about the best immune system booster.

Jillian Michael’s Is Wrong

Recently fitness advocate and television personality Jillian Michaels came out with a series of statements and articles downplaying the benefits and even the safety of ketogenic type diets. It is unfortunate that people in that position choose to spread information that they have virtually no knowledge of and certainly no educational background for doing so.

I’m sure that as a fitness coach and an exercise guru she is effective, but when it comes to dietary advice and certainly biochemistry she falls far short. Her comments about the ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet are both unfounded and unreal.

Furthermore, they are untrue. The overwhelming evidence that we have today, and in fact since the early 1970s, continually illustrates the benefits of the ketogenic type diet for diabetes, obesity, and even common overweight problems. She is subscribing to an outdated paradigm by the Dietetic Association wherein all weight loss and weight management is simply calories in and calories out.

This concept has proven to be ineffective for the majority of overweight and obese individuals. Programs like The Biggest Loser, which she was a part of for some time, are doing a tremendous dis-service to those who are overweight and obese.

The program and lifestyle these programs suggest are unreal and impossible to maintain. Once individuals go off of these programs or those similar, they invariably regain all of their lost weight and more over a very short period of time. It’s truly sad that someone with her level of popularity in certain circles advocates against something that she obviously has no understanding of.

I refer you to the works of the late Robert Adkins MD, as well as Jason Fung, MD, who have established and continue to establish the benefits not only for weight loss but for optimal wellness of the ketogenic type program. Here at our research Institute we evaluate each client before they are placed on a weight management program. Once we establish their metabolic type we can design a program, which often revolves around the ketogenic type diet, but not exclusively, to best suit their body needs. Our work is based in science and not marketing. Check back next week for more Weight Loss Tips.

Jason Fung & The New Diabetes Revolution

I have been working with individuals with Type II Diabetes for 40 years.

During that time, I have seen mainstream medicine and dietetics wage war against those of us early pioneers who were saying that the way diabetes is being treated is not only wrong but it’s killing them, creating a premature demise.

Fortunately, things are finally changing and like most changes this one is happening from within. Those of us on the so-called fringe were easy to ignore, easy to ridicule, and easy to silence.

Now the same message, 40 years later, is coming from within their own ranks. Jason Fung is a Medical Doctor and Nephrologist, or Kidney Doctor, by specialty.

His wonderful book entitled The Diabetes Code and his educational efforts within the medical community are turning doctors away from the old paradigm and towards a new and better program.

Just like we have been doing for 40 years he is teaching them that diabetes has little to do with blood sugar and everything to do with insulin.

He is showing them that through strict carbohydrate consumption reduction as well is intermittent fasting, we can reverse the epidemic of Type II Diabetes. Our research center is in an ideal position, with our many decades of experience, to assist diabetics in slowly reversing their condition.

If you know someone with this dreaded condition share the information that there is now new hope from an old paradigm that still works as well today as it did when we introduced it many decades ago. Check back next week for more Healthy Nutrition Information.

Vitamin Supplement Absorption

When it comes to nutrient intake our ability to absorb nutrients from food and supplements declines with each passing decade. Therefore, as we age, we must become ever more aware of our digestive process and should we begin to experience signs of compromise to digestion and subsequent absorption such as gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, and even acid reflux, our first line to improvement should be to fix the digestive issues. Once we have addressed this, we should next look to our supplements. Are they hard compressed tablets? If this is so you may be getting very little in the way of nutrient absorption from supplements of this nature.

Our personal choices for supplement delivery would include micro thin gelatin capsules, which can dissolve in as little as two minutes in the stomach and of course liquid suspensions. The only time that a tablet would be beneficial is in the case of enteric coating, which is done to help protect delicate nutrients inside the formula. A liquid baseline supplement, which provides the 100+ nutrients the human body needs for ideal conditions would be our first choice. Check back next week for more information about Vitamin Supplement Absorption.

Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps

The new and improved Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps. As many of you have already discovered; our new Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps are pretty amazing. We now can offer the high absorption of the liquid together with the convenience of a capsule. Our liquid filled capsules are completely sealed and are ideal for both home use and for traveling. While we can’t get the full range of nutrients in the small capsules that we can in our liquid formula our new liquid filled caps offer an excellent alternative for those on the go or for those who simply prefer not to take a liquid supplement.

Since their introduction the new Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps have continuously sold out, forcing the need for immediate reordering. As a formulator, I am most pleased with this recent development and it is just one of several new and improved formulas that we will be releasing over the next few months. It was time to take a look at some of our existing formulas and even as good as they were, some of them could be improved by the addition of other ingredients, which are supported by current scientific research.

In every instance we feel that the additions made to our flagship formulas will improve their function ability. The new Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps, in liquid form, are already making waves of their own, with people reporting increased energy, alertness and an overall sense of well-being. I have increased the B complex for extra energy as well as the vitamin D since research is showing the majority of us are severely vitamin D deficient. If you haven’t had the chance to try the new Full Spectrum High Vitality Liquid-gel Caps you should do so right away. You will find their benefits and their energy enhancing properties to be a pleasant addition to your daily wellness routine.

Do diet sodas cause belly fat?

Do diet sodas cause belly fat? We have commented often for many years about diet sodas or soft drinks. It is now a proven fact that these diet sodas can have a negative effect on weight loss during dieting and in many instances can actually cause weight gain. The process by which this occurs is somewhat complicated and it involves the stimulation of insulin by the taste buds of something sweet.

The body does not have the wisdom to understand artificial sweeteners, so it perceives them as sugars, secreting insulin when they are ingested. The end result of this is an increase in insulin and a decrease in blood sugar or glucose. As this process continues cravings for real sugary foods increase. The elevated insulin causes the body not only to retain stored fat but also to retain excess water or fluid. While everyone is different, we have seen people actually gain weight while consuming three or more diet sodas per day. If you feel you must enjoy an occasional diet soda while dieting, try to always consume them with a meal that contains adequate protein. This will help to retard the fluid retention and weight gain properties associated with these drinks. If you wish to accelerate your weight loss, consider abstaining from these diet sodas at least through the initial phases of your weight loss program. You will likely be rewarded with a faster and more efficient weight loss result. Check back next week for more information about belly fat.

Type II Diabetes is Reversible

I first began my work with alternative medicine and nutrition in the arena of type II diabetes, hypoglycemia, and other insulin related disorders such as obesity. Over the years medicine has come a long way in their approach to these disorders. So much so that finally medicine is now acknowledging that these conditions are not disorders of excess blood sugar but rather disorders of excess insulin production. This is been the foundation of my work for the past 30+ years. I have gone from ridicule to tolerance and finally to acceptance.

For decades we have been approaching these conditions from the wrong end. If we focus our attention and efforts on controlling insulin production these conditions especially type II diabetes, can often be brought completely under control. The body produces insulin in response to sugar forming foods, which eventually convert to glucose or blood sugar. As the glucose rises in the blood, insulin is secreted from the pancreas to mobilize it and store it for later use. Over time this excess insulin production can lead to what we call receptor cell burnout. This is when the insulin receptor sites become desensitized in response to the constant elevation of insulin bombarding the cell. This condition is called insulin resistance. The more insulin resistance the higher the blood sugar levels will rise.

We can approach management of the situation in several ways. First and foremost dietary changes, which must include a drastic reduction in carbohydrates or sugar forming foods. This will naturally lower blood glucose levels and subsequently reduce insulin production. As insulin levels fall the receptor sites, over time, will begin to increase their sensitivity once again and will facilitate glucose transport with less insulin rather than more. The next step would be to introduce key nutrients that have been shown to help spare or modulate glucose as well as directly lower insulin levels. Key minerals would include chromium as well as vanadium. Herbal or plant extracts have also proven to be very beneficial. These would include cinnamon extract, bilberry, and others.

It is now believed that there are specific genes that are responsible for these disorders, especially type II diabetes. Once these are isolated it may be possible to alter them and make type II diabetes a disease of the past. In the meantime however, the best way to control blood sugar disorders is by addressing insulin levels. Medical scientists are now finally looking at the benefit of such things as intermediate fasting for controlling insulin production. For decades medicine has been mismanaging these diseases and causing many terrible side effects. Thankfully that time is changing and there is nothing but hope and promise in the years ahead. Take my Weight Management Evaluation and be sure to check back next month for more information about why Type II Diabetes is Reversible?

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High Vitality Liquid Vitamins at 24 hour Fitness

I am pleased to report that many 24-hour fitness centers have members that are enjoying the energizing and balancing benefits of High Vitality Liquid Vitamin. This formula is like nothing we have ever seen before. It provides at least 100 or more nutrients in one single dose, which is convenient because it’s a liquid.

You simply take 1 ounce of the liquid either straight or mixed in juice or whatever you wish, and the benefits are lasting throughout the day. It is amazing the increase in energy, vitality, and well-being that we see in people who use this formula.

What many people don’t realize is that increased exercise actually depletes many nutrients through perspiration and increased metabolism. While the benefits of this process are clearly evident, replacing those nutrients provides an extra added effect and benefit to those who do so. 24 Hour Fitness Trainers have been recommending the High Vitality Liquid Vitamin to several of their clients who complained of lack of energy and overall well-being.

The majority of them, in just a couple of weeks’ time, have indicated that they are sleeping better, have more energy, and an overall sense of well-being that they have not experienced in quite a long time. I strongly encourage other 24-hour Fitness Center Trainers to consider recommending and utilizing the high vitality liquid supplement from Phoenix Nutritionals. Check back next week for more information about High Vitality Liquid Gel-Caps.

Endorsed by Curves For Women

Having meet with many owners of Curves For Woman fitness center I can tell you that their business has literately been revived by introducing their members to the High Vitality Liquid Vitamin and the Blood Sugar Support Capsules offered through Phoenix Nutritionals.

We are seeing greater results in many different arenas. Members have more energy, sleep better, and as such, work out more regularly and with greater enthusiasm.

The Blood Sugar Support Formula is helping members to control their cravings for starch and sugary foods, which in turn is helping them to lose excess weight more easily.

This unique formula not only helps to control cravings, but as a result, members are seeing much more stable blood sugar and insulin levels. While it’s not specifically a weight loss formula I have seen greater results with this formula than with many so-called weight loss supplements. It is amazing to me how many of their members are actually nutrient deficient.

I have started giving them the Institute’s Nutrient Evaluation Test and the results are very revealing and sometimes worrisome. By adding the high vitality full-spectrum liquid I can further reduce appetite and cravings because often for the first time, their nutrient deficiencies no longer exist. I am sure Curves For Women Headquarters is taking note and slowing sending this message to every Curves owner because they know the others would see vast improvements and benefits that I have seen with their members.

Full Spectrum Liquid Vitamins

As the mean population continues to age there are increased concerns about both digestion and absorption of nutrients. Health supplements are becoming more and more essential due to the degradation of our food sources. The worst form of supplementation often occurs in the tablets. Tablets do have their place but tend to be far less absorbable, especially with elderly people. The new micro thin capsules are an ideal replacement for tablets because they can break down in the stomach in as little as two minutes, making the nutrients rapidly available to the system. Liquid vitamins have been long accepted as an ideal and optimal way to deliver nutrients to the body. Unfortunately, they can be inconvenient, difficult to travel with, and many people seem to find them, especially those high in the B complex, to have a pungent taste. Recently technology has developed a capsule in which true liquids can be kept. This now gives us the benefit of both possible worlds. Firstly, the convenience of a capsule and secondly the absorption benefits of the liquid. We now can deliver men’s vitality supplements, women’s vitality supplements, healthy aging supplements, stress supplements, as well as nutrients for appetite control and even mood support in a liquid capsule. The best vitamins for energy would include high B complex, which had always been an issue in liquid supplements because of their potentially offensive taste. Now we can deliver the benefits of high B vitamins, the best vitamins for energy, without the B complex taste.

New Weight Management Test

We are pleased to announce our new upgraded and fully automatic Weight Management Test. Simply fill out the form and hit submit. Your answers to this test will help us to design a customized weight loss program that will have the greatest chance of success because it is based on your body chemistry.

Not all of us manage foods in the same way. For some it’s a matter of calories or excess calories but for many others it’s a matter of insulin resistant carbohydrate excess. We will also design a Customized Nutrition Starter Kit, which will provide your body with the nutrients that it needs while engaging in weight loss, so that your body does not produce starvation hormones and slow your metabolism significantly. Addressing these two key factors we will have helped you overcome the two top reasons for weight loss failure, namely the wrong program and the production of excess starvation hormones caused by a lack of nutrients. Our full-spectrum formulas will not only support healthy weight loss but address energy, metabolism, performance, and recovery, as well as performance enhancement.

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Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet craze. Ketogenic diets have been in use since the early 1970s and even before. The dietetic Association does its best to discourage and dissuade people from using these programs for no other reason other than they just don’t understand. Because these programs are so effective for so many people they keep returning in popularity over and over again. Currently the so-called Keto program is gaining popularity once again. Let’s take a look at why these diet programs remain popular and remain effective for millions of people who use them.

Ketosis is a term we use when a human body is utilizing fat for fuel instead of glucose or body sugar. Because the standard American diet has become so heavily laden with sugar and sugar forming foods, we have created an epidemic of what is called insulin resistance and subsequent obesity. Even just 20 or 25 years ago we would generally not see insulin resistance in individuals until they reached 40 years of age or so. Today we see moderate to severe insulin resistance in people as young as their teen years. Each generation inherits this potentially deadly situation at a younger and younger age, fueled by constant consumption of sugar and sugar forming foods. Genetically speaking our ancestors did not have access to nor did they consume concentrated sugars in these incredibly high amounts. Their lifestyle and their eating habits were much different from ours. Our ancestors were physical people, most of them did physical labor or work, which helps to burn any excess glucose formed from dietary foods. In those days people consumed about 20 pounds of sugar per year per person. Today however, the average person consumes his or her own body weight in sugar or more annually. For some people this appears, at least on the surface, not to present overt problems such as elevated blood sugar, insulin resistance or obesity. But for many, many millions of people it has done exactly that. Insulin resistance, obesity, and type II diabetes are at epidemic proportions like at no other time in human history. This is why the ketogenic type diet has become so effective for the majority of these individuals.

As we said before, ketosis is the process the body goes through when it burns fat for fuel instead of glucose. Stored body fat, which leads to overweight and obese conditions, is the result of the body’s hormone called insulin, which converts glucose or rather excess glucose into triglycerides and stores them in your fat cells. This process has virtually no limit, which is why some people can gain an excess 100, 200 or more pounds without stopping. Once an individual becomes insulin resistant there are only two ways to effectively address this serious issue. The first is through dietary restrictions. These individuals must greatly curtail their consumption of sugar and sugar forming foods in order to lower their insulin levels and halt the conversion of this excess glucose to body fat. The second potential benefit in managing insulin resistance can come from key nutrients. Chromium, vanadium, aspartic acid, and several herbal extracts such as cinnamon, can help regulate and modulate blood sugar and subsequently insulin levels. The ketogenic diet, now referred to as the Keto diet, is generally safe and effective for most everyone. We are often taught by dietitians and well-meaning physicians that a state of ketosis is potentially dangerous. However, unless you have a unique metabolic disorder, nothing could be further from the truth. There are generations of indigenous peoples who go from cradle to grave in a constant state of ketosis. These individuals are lean, healthy, strong, and overall physically fit. Fortunately, many medical doctors are beginning to see the value, benefit, and safety of these types of programs. If we are ever to get a handle on the obesity epidemic it will only be through ketogenic approaches. The standard American diet and our own inactivity have contributed to this deadly disease process and only by reducing or greatly controlling the consumption of carbohydrate foods will there be hope and help for the tens of millions of people suffering from this disorder. Medical science is all too aware of the dozens and dozens of complications that can result as a direct link to obesity, not the least of which is type II diabetes, which has become epidemic in the last 20 years.

There are many forms of the Keto diet such as the Atkins approach, the Keto approach, and our own unique program, which we developed right here in our research Institute of Nutritional Science. If you have tried low-calorie diet programs without success, it is likely that you are insulin resistant, especially if you are 50 pounds or more overweight. You can take the guesswork out of determining the biochemical causes for your obesity by taking our Weight Management Evaluation. This evaluation can pinpoint how your body metabolizes various food groups and is designed to help us develop a weight management program that will have the greatest chance of success for you.

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Men’s High Vitality

The nutrients that are important to a man for the most part are important to women as well as. Men tend to want to emphasize the nutrients for maximum energy as well as performance and recovery. Men’s vitality supplements therefore should place emphasis on the B complex nutrients as well as the trace minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and many others. Taking a Personal Nutrition Evaluation may help in making a final decision.

Plant derived trace minerals are especially important when developing a broad range supplement for men. When you consider the importance of using a dietary supplement you should choose one that is the best available. Cheap vitamins often contain forms of nutrients that are almost totally un-absorbable at the cellular level of the body. Supplements in tablet form, while being convenient, have the poorest rate of absorption, especially in those of us over the age of 50. Since we now know that the average diet provides less than half of the optimal nutrients we need daily, it is essential that we not only supplement with a high quality dietary supplement but ensure that it has the highest absorption rate possible. Powerful customer testimonials are always a good sign that the product is of highest quality and Liquid Vitamins on Amazon is also a good place to start.

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Hangry Meaning

There is a new term that is rapidly becoming more popular and that is something called ‘hangry’, which is a combination of hunger and anger.

This can often be observed when people do not eat properly or they go long periods of time without eating. This sets up a situation where they become irritable, excitable, and react, oftentimes aggressively, because of it. So far researchers have focused on the psychological issues that hunger can produce and they certainly are valid, but there’s far more to the picture if we look deeper into the biochemical changes that occur during hunger. For many people prolonged hunger, even a few hours, can have a drastically negative effect upon their blood sugar. We know by studying diabetics and those with hypoglycemia that low blood sugar can produce a variety of symptoms including nervousness, shakiness, emotional swings, and even anger and aggression.

During periods of low blood sugar the body sees this situation as an acute danger. This in turn, causes the body to produce stress hormones such as adrenaline, which increases heart rate, respiration, and perspiration. Prolonged overstimulation of the stress hormones can eventually exhaust our adrenal glands, increasing the downward spiral during episodes of fluctuating blood sugar. If you are one of these individuals who experiences these symptoms if you’re unable to eat regularly, you should consider keeping something with you such as a mixed nuts. These will help keep your blood sugar stable until you can eat a proper meal once again. If you are a high stress individual this will only exacerbate your physiological and emotional response to blood sugar fluctuations. You should consider using a high stress multi nutrient formula to help support your central nervous system as well as the adrenal glands, keeping them strong. Check back next month for information about America’s #1 Full Spectrum Nutritional Supplement, High Vitality.



Full Spectrum Nutrition

In the mid-1990s I wrote an article entitled ‘not all supplements are created equal’. This article caused quite a stir at the time in the nutrition supplement industry. This was because I pointed out a rarely used but essentially important factor when developing a dietary supplement formula. Everyone was on the potency bandwagon, turning out formulas with higher and higher potencies in an attempt to lure the consumer into the concept that more is better. While potency is important, it is certainly not the only factor that should go into product development. The area that is almost exclusively overlooked is that of ratios.

Nutrients compete for passage across cell membranes. Those nutrients with the greater electrical potential can, if present to excess, prevent the absorption of lesser strength nutrients at the cellular level. This is especially acute when it comes to minerals. Since all minerals bear an electrical charge, it is extremely important to consider this when assembling any dietary supplement. Check back next week for more information about Liquid V’s Capsules, Full Spectrum Nutrition.

Vitamin Supplements for Energy

The number one reason or complaint that most people have when they visit their doctor is that they don’t have enough energy and they always find themselves dragging through the day. This can occur at any age from 30 forward. There are many nutrients that can help enhance energy and metabolism. Nutritional supplements, or health supplements can help address and enhance our need for increased energy. Once again we want to be sure that the supplement that we choose provides all of the necessary nutrients involved in good energy supplements.

The B complex nutrients have long been associated with increased energy but this is not the only group of nutrients that should be considered. Many minerals are involved in the energy cycle, especially the electrolytes. Another group of nutrients involved in energy are the micro trace elements. The best source of these micro trace minerals would be from plant derived sources. Since our food supply is almost totally lacking in these micro trace elements, it is essential that they be part of a daily supplemental program. In May we will have more information about vitamins for energy and make sure to listen to these amazing testimonials. Check out all of Dr Whiting’s Chronic Disease Special Reports.

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Broad Spectrum Formulas

Our recently reformulated full-spectrum formula in capsule form makes it one of the most broad spectrum formulas available. For this reason this high vitality formula can serve as excellent women’s vitamins, herbal vitamins, the best vitamins for energy, as well as the best vitamins for men. Vitamin supplements for energy would include the B complex especially vitamin B12. In order to achieve maximum absorption these formulas should contain plant trace minerals in desiccated form. These trace minerals have the ability to enhance the uptake of vitamins and other major minerals, making them much more bioavailable to the living system of the body.

In our high-tech society stress and anxiety are at an all-time high. Anxiety supplements and adrenal supplements are in great demand. Adrenal support supplements are essential because often in our high stress society our adrenal glands become fatigued and overproduce key hormones that produce further anxiety. Managing stress, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue can be done with the right combination of select key nutrients. Our formulas have proven to be both functional and very popular over the last decade. Check back In May we will have information about the best vitamins for energy and make sure to listen to these amazing testimonials. Check out all of Dr Whiting’s Chronic Disease Special Reports.

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Natural Vitamins

Here in our research Institute we have long been the pioneers in full-spectrum liquid nutritional supplements. We have developed a wide variety of liquid formulations for specific needs as well as those for baseline full-spectrum supplementation. We have made liquid vitamins for women, liquid vitamins for men, as well as the best vitamins for energy. In each category the use of liquid vitamins and minerals as a delivery system has been shown to enhance absorption, especially in those older than age 50. People often think of vitamin B12 and other B vitamins as the energy vitamins or energy nutrients, and while this is generally true there are other nutrients necessary to enhance the energy cycle.

Natural vitamins for energy would also include key minerals that are involved in the utilization of the B complex nutrients. Full-spectrum multivitamins, no matter whether they are general or specific, should include at least the 100 known essential nutrients for overall wellness and vitality. Therefore, the best energy vitamins, the best vitamins for women, the best vitamins for men, as well as the best supplement for stress can all be achieved through our liquid delivery system. Our current formulation provides 136 nutrients to the living system of the body, making it the best liquid vitamin supplement and the most complete vitamin supplement currently on the market. In May we will have information about the best vitamins for women and make sure to listen to these amazing testimonials. Check out all of Dr Whiting’s Chronic Disease Special Reports.

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Energy and Metabolism

Over the years here in our research Institute we have formulated a great deal of multivitamin formulas as well as specific targeted formulas for specialized needs. These would include healthy aging supplements, stress supplements, supplements for energy and metabolism, and of course full spectrum multivitamins. Our calcium formula is the only formulation to be shown to not only halt bone loss but to actually increase bone density over time. This was established in seven independent clinical studies around the world. Calcium supplements should also contain magnesium. Chelated magnesium is not only much higher absorbed but because you need less you have less of a chance of having gastrointestinal disturbances from taking it.

Osteoporosis treatment should include calcium with vitamin D, magnesium, and other key trace minerals necessary for uptake of calcium back to bone tissue. Our stress formula is used by hundreds of people every month to help nourish the central nervous system as well as the adrenal glands. Treatment for anxiety should include stress vitamins as well is adrenal fatigue supplements. Our joint support formula is one of the best joint supplements on the market because it addresses joint support from many different angles. When seeking arthritis pain relief joint supplements can be helpful for joint pain. Vitamins for arthritis or joint supplements should also support the flexibility of connective tissues. In April we will have more information about Chelated Magnesium and make sure to listen to these amazing testimonials. Check out all of Dr Whiting’s Chronic Disease Special Reports.

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Immune System Boosters

So far this season the flu has been more rampant and much more dangerous than in decades past. We are told by the centers for disease control that the flu season is far from over and it may run as late as the middle or end of May. This is why natural immune boosters that can boost the immune system are not only beneficial but essential this season. If you’re wanting to know how to boost the immune system naturally we use a variety of herbal extracts as well as plant extracts to help both nourish the immune system and strengthen it at the same time. The best nutrients for the immune system would include all of these factors in one formula. Immune system boosters must also have nourishing factors because if you over stimulate the immune system without nourishing it, it can result in immune fatigue or suppression.

Another gland that is indirectly involved in your immunity is your thyroid. If you have a deficient thyroid you need to consider supplementing with tyrosine, an amino acid, as well as natural iodine from sea kelp. The best thyroid supplement would contain both of these factors in one convenient formula, making up an excellent natural thyroid treatment. Thyroid support through thyroid supplements is well documented and has been used in various ways for a great many years. In March we will have more information about immune system boosters and make sure to listen to these amazing testimonials. Check out all of Dr Whiting’s Chronic Disease Special Reports.

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Best Women’s Multivitamin 2018

The foundation of supplementing your diet should begin with a good full-spectrum multivitamin. Liquid vitamins and minerals have always been popular but are regaining further interest because liquid multivitamins have the ability to be a bit better absorbed. We can address many different types of supplements in one full-spectrum formula such as natural vitamins for energy, women’s vitamins, men’s vitamins, and even children’s supplements. Men’s multivitamins can include healthy aging formulas whole food vitamins, stress supplements as well as factors for energy and metabolism. When it comes to a women’s formula we might want to include diet support supplements, appetite control and mood support, herbal vitamins, and energy vitamins. The best of full-spectrum supplement would be one that has the ability to address all of these issues in one convenient formula.

Nutritional supplements such as vitamin products have become increasingly popular, creating an enormous market worldwide. Liquid vitamins and minerals make ideal supplements. The best liquid vitamins would address the needs of men, women, and even children. In March we will have more info about Dr Oz and Belly Fat and make sure to listen to these amazing testimonials. Check out all of Dr Whiting’s Chronic Disease Special Reports.

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