Stress & Anxiety

I have often said that excess Stress & Anxiety is the cardinal cause of almost all other diseases and health challenges. Stress that is not managed can certainly make existing health conditions much worse. I have worked with thousands of women, for example, in the menopause years, which complained of how their symptoms got much worse when they were going through periods of excess stress.

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EBooks now available for download from Amazon, please call me with any questions about your health and wellness, 1-888-454-8464.

Eliminating Systemic Candida and Yeast Infections

Naturally Control Diabetes & Hypoglycemia

Your Immune System: Why It Fails and How to Fix It

Controlling Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Managing Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue

Stress CAN Kill You

How You Can Be Free of Arthritis

Understanding and Controlling Allergies

More info next week about the best candida cleanse for Systemic Candida.

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Vitamin Clinical References

Please watch my video Vitamin Clinical References, in my video I talk more about how when it comes to nutrient effectiveness and safety, there is nothing else that has more clinical studies behind it. The average drug goes through a few tests and clinical trials before it is rushed to market, often never being tested again. Foods are adulterated with chemicals and additives and no one ever bothers to examine the effects of these additions until a lot of people get sick.

Nutrients on the other hand, have been tested and studied hundreds of times over the past five decades alone. We know there is no doubt of their safety and efficacy. Another article coming next month about trace minerals and make sure to check out my video Exposing Nutrition Myths it is a must see for anyone, and check out the Clinical References for the products I have formulated.

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Medical Errors The Third Leading Cause of Death!

Well over 250,000 deaths occur every year due to a variety of medical mistakes. This accounts for about 10% of all U S deaths annually.

Prevention has never been more important than right now with our medical profession in chaos and less and less able to protect us from itself. Exercise a decent diet and the right nutritional supplements could make the difference between staying well and away from the medical system and becoming a victim of it.

The best way to determine your true health status is to take our Nutrient Evaluation Test. For a limited time this test is FREE to our clients.

Simply go to our research website at
Click on Testing at the top of the page
Enter the password (wellness) and take the test. Please call if you have questions 1-888-454-8464.

Once we receive it we will evaluate your answers and contact you with a program for addressing any missing nutrients.

The test takes only a few minutes to complete and may help to keep you from the pitfalls of the medical system. More information about candida overgrowth and yeast free diets coming next week.

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May is Arthritis, Osteoporosis, & Digestion Awareness Month!

This month the focus nationwide is on three chronic and epidemic disorders namely arthritis, osteoporosis, and digestive disorders. Arthritis is so common in people over 50 that if they go to a doctor and are asked about arthritis and say that they don’t have this problem the doctor notes that “patient denies arthritis”!! Nonetheless for millions of people the pain and immobility of arthritis issues compromise their quality of life on a daily basis. Arthritis is the loss of cartilage tissue due to a variety of chemical breakdowns. The good news is that cartilage can be rebuilt with the right nutrients. Also natural anti-inflammatory nutrients can help control inflammation, stiffness, and pain.

It has often been said that health begins in the digestive tract and this is true because if your digestion is compromised it’s not only uncomfortable but also results in a lack of absorption of nutrients, leading to a variety of other health challenges. Most all digestive problems such as gas, boating, heartburn, Acid reflux, and bowel disturbances are the result of an imbalance in the stomach pH. When the stomach is to alkaline, proteins and minerals are not absorbed. This lack of acid also prevents the formation of enzymes necessary to digest fats and carbohydrates. Fortunately fixing this problem is relatively easy. By adding factors to improve stomach acid production and raw materials the body uses to build digestive enzymes we can eliminate these issues safely.

Joint Flow – This formula provides the raw materials to support the rebuilding of joint connective tissue and cartilage. This is the first step in managing arthritic conditions through natural support

Inflameze – This formula provides support for better managing inflammation within the body, helping to reduce pain and swelling.

Bio-Complete Calcium Plus – This combination of calcium and supportive trace minerals has been shown to have the highest absorption rate of any form of calcium, thus helping to replace lost bone mass.

DigestEze – This formula provides support for a healthy digestive system by increasing natural stomach acids and providing the raw materials the body needs to manufacture digestive enzymes in adequate amounts to ensure full digestion and absorption of nutrients from food. Check back soon for more information about Digestion Awareness Month coming next week.

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Is stress affecting your health?

It has often been said that stress is the cardinal cause of most all disease and disorder within the body. Certainly excess stress can make almost any existing issues much worse. People with digestive disorders complain of much worse symptoms when under stress. Those with complications of the menopause report increased hot flashes and night sweats while excess stress is a factor. We also know that prolonged stress can adversely affect the cardiovascular system and even those with diabetes report a much more difficult time to regulate their blood sugar while excess stress is a factor.

From the holistic point of view, we look at an individual’s stress levels first when building a supplement support system for them. Because stress can affect so many bodily functions, if it is present to excess we must always address that issue up front because if not everything else we do to set the persons internal body chemistry right will not be nearly as effective. The stress formula called Stress Eze we developed here at our Institute provides the key nutrients necessary for supporting the body even under extreme stress. I have given this formula to people who were experiencing severe stress and trauma and within just a few days their anxiety was lowered and the negative effects of the stress were virtually gone. This is because the stress response cycle, if it goes on too long, not only wears on the central nervous system but also produces adrenal fatigue. Once these factors set in, the individual begins to experience insomnia, anxiety, and eventually depression as a result of the depletion of the nutrients needed to support these systems. One example is with the B –Vitamin Pantothenic Acid. This nutrient, along with B-12, are used by the body to buffer the negative effects of stress on the nervous system and the adrenal glands. Under stress your body can use as much as 60 mg of Pantothenic acid every hour, yet the Daily Value for this nutrient is only 60 mg per day!!

If you are experiencing excess stress in your life from any source, you should strongly consider adding a high potency stress support formula to your supplement program. Phoenix Nutritionals offers our formula under the name Stress Eze. According to their figures, this is one of the most popular formulas they sell and they report that people will panic if it happens to go on back order for any length of time. This is simply, because it works!! Check back soon for more information about Stress and how it can affect your health coming next week.

You can learn more about the effects of stress and the role nutrients play in supporting the body by watching my video Dr Whiting on Stress Management.

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Stress Awareness Month

Stress is the cardinal cause of most disease. The presence of excess stress will make almost any pre-existing condition worse due to its effect on bodily functions. Stress is a given in most of our lives but when the level of stress rises it can produce devastating side effects. Stress effects your cardiovascular system, the immune system, and the digestive system to name but a few. Since we all live with stress we often take it for granted and just try to ignore it. Many turn to drugs or alcohol to relax and attempt to relieve excess stress but the fact is that this level of stress consumes key nutrients at an alarming rate. These nutrients are essentially the B-complex vitamins. For example during periods of high stress your body can use up to 60 mg of pantothenic acid per hour yet the Daily Value of this vitamin is only 60 mg per day!! A deficiency of pantothenic acid and B-12 can lead to central nervous system problems as well as adrenal exhaustion.

So in this month of April let’s take out time to address our stress levels and if elevated provide the body with the nutrients it needs in the right amounts to protect the nervous system and the adrenal glands. Our Stress Eze formula is a convenient and ideal way to address this.

Stress Eze – Key nutrients for a high stress lifestyle – This formula contains the stress related nutrients in mega dose amounts and is designed to support the body during excess stress. If your stress level is ongoing for whatever reason, you may wish to take this formula on an ongoing basis. Watch my video Dr Whiting on Stress Management and check back soon for more information about Stress Awareness Month.

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Do I Need A Dietary Supplement While I Am Dieting?

According to the U. S. Government, at least half of us are deficient in 50% of the minimum daily requirement of essential nutrients. This is due to consuming a diet of over-processed junk foods as well as other factors such as over-cooking, canning, freezing, drying, and the fact that our farmlands have been depleted in essential micro trace minerals from decades of non-replacement. In fact, according to investigations by the United States Congress, at least 80 percent of most chronic degenerative diseases could be prevented by simply getting regular exercise and taking a good, broad based, dietary supplement.

When we go on a diet to lose weight, both the amount and variety of foods we consume will be reduced or altered. It doesn’t really matter if you are on a low calorie, low fat, low carbohydrate, or a combination program, it should be apparent that you will be getting less food and less variety, which will mean less nutrients! For this reason we feel that it is absolutely essential to take a good Full Spectrum dietary supplement every day like LiquiDaily High Vitality & Liquid Essential Minerals.

Other factors that can cause a loss of essential nutrients include increased fluid loss when dieting, nutrient loss through increased exercise, and nutrient loss through increased metabolism.

The end result of this is increased nutrient deficiency, which can, over time, lead to chronic disease or make existing health challenges worse. A direct side effect of nutrient deficiencies on your diet program will be an increase in appetite and food cravings and an eventual slowing of your resting metabolism. Watch my video Full Spectrum Nutrition and Multi-Vitamins for more information on this.

Here’s how it works. As your body becomes more and more nutrient deficient, this stimulates the appetite center of the brain to consume more food in an attempt to make up these nutrient deficits. Cravings for specific foods can also greatly increase as the body tries to meet micronutrient needs. If the body remains in a state of nutrient deficiency for too long, the internal biochemistry begins to change, perceiving the situation as malnutrition. Once this occurs, the body will start to slow the resting metabolic state, similar to what occurs during food deprivation. Between the two, it can make ongoing weight loss very difficult, if not impossible.

Remember that every day your body needs at least 100 nutrients. These include 3 fatty acids, 16 vitamins, 70+major and trace minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. If any of these are significantly deficient, it can affect the way the body uses all the others. The best way to prevent these problems, especially when dieting, is to take a Full Spectrum Supplement every day like LiquiDaily High Vitality & Liquid Essential Minerals. The best source of nutrient intake is in a liquid form, which helps to ensure maximum absorption to the cells of the body. Do yourself a favor and increase the success of your weight management program by taking a Full Spectrum Supplement every day and check back soon for more information on Nutrition Awareness Month.

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March is Nutrition Awareness Month

March is Nutrition Awareness Month and in spite of living in a country of abundance many people are seriously deficient in vitamins and minerals simply because the diet does not supply them in optimal quantities anymore. This is due to a variety of factors beginning with a depletion of trace minerals in our farmlands then premature harvesting, cold storage, and food preparations including drying, over cooking, and the addition of food additives.

It is estimated that at least 50% of us do not ingest even 50% of many of the essential nutrients needed for optimal wellness. This over time, can lead to chronic degenerative diseases because the body does not have the raw materials to build and repair itself. Our immune system then begins to suffer and we find ourselves getting sick much more often than we should. The sad thing is that this problem is so easily fixed. By taking a Full Spectrum multi supplement every day you can ensure that your body will have the nutrients necessary to take care of you.

It is important to choose a supplement that is bio-available, highly absorbed, and provides enough potency to do the job. We have developed two such supplements that have an absorption rate of over 85%. One is in liquid form and the other in a micro thin veggie capsule.

LiquiDaily High Vitality & Liquid Essential Minerals – This liquid delivery supplement provides over 130 nutrients to the body including vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, fatty acids, and phytonutrients. It’s easy to take – just one ounce once a day with the first meal of the day and you are set to go!

Full Spectrum Caps – This is our capsule version and it too, provides the Full Range of known nutrients to the body. These formulas provide true “Health Insurance” to the body, supporting thousands of biochemical activities internally. Check back soon for more information on Nutrition Awareness Month.

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Antacids Linked to Dementia!

I have been warning about the many dangers of antacids for decades. These dangers include kidney disease, increased bone fractures, low magnesium levels, gastrointestinal infections, and pneumonia. Now we can add another danger to these worthless drugs: Dementia.

Large clinical study analysis shows that those taking these drugs have a whopping 44% greater chance of developing dementia later in life. This is likely because certain compounds of these drugs cross the blood brain barrier and alter brain enzymes. Further these drugs can cause a serious deficiency of vitamin B12, the nerve vitamin.

The sad part of all this is that in 90% or more of the cases, these drugs are not necessary at all; your upper digestive system is designed to be very acidic. The stomach must be acidic to do its job of protein digestion, fat emulsification, and enzyme formation. Only when the stomach can no longer produce adequate stomach acids does heartburn and acid reflux develop.

The way to solve these problems is to INCREASE stomach acid not decrease it.

In addition to protein digestion minerals such as calcium and magnesium can only be absorbed in an acid environment. When stomach acid is destroyed by these drugs most of these minerals pass through the system without being absorbed.

We have all seen the ads for these drugs, known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). They include Prevacid, Nexium, and Prilosec. What you don’t likely know is that all these drugs, which appear to be in competition with each other, are made by the same drug company!!!

In essence AstraZeneca is in competition with itself and they don’t care which one you buy.

A safe and beneficial alternative to these highly dangerous drugs would be a full spectrum digestive support formula that helps increase natural stomach acid while providing the raw materials necessary for the body to manufacture digestive enzymes. We use a combination formula that provides all this support in one. It’s being sold as Digest-Eze and you can call them at 1-800-440-2390. We recommend this along with our Full Spectrum Multi formula called High Vitality, also available from Phoenix Nutritionals. Check back soon for more information about Heart Disease Month and how you can keep your Heart healthy. Should you have any questions you can reach our office at 1-888-454-8464

For more information on how to avoid these dangers and properly support your digestive system watch my video Indigestion, Heartburn, and Acid Reflux.

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What Causes Cancer?

Cancer is one of the biggest killers and also one of the most mysterious conditions. Medical science has come a long way in saving people who develop cancer but there is still a long way to go. For this reason supporting the body with the proper lifestyle choices has significant benefit. Also understanding the major factors that can contribute to cancer development is essential.

According to a recent study, which analyzed the findings of several hundred independent studies, the top five factors that most contribute to the formation of cancer are:

Lack of Exercise
Excess Stress
Environmental Pollution

When we look at this list can we see things that we could do to reduce these factors significantly of course, because they all stem from an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking cigarettes should be a no brainer! Quit!!

How about exercise? It is certainly easy enough to get up off the couch and get some exercise for 30 minutes three or four times a week. Even taking a 30 minute walk can have significant benefit.

What about diet? Most of us know that the Standard American Diet is unhealthy but we continue to consume it anyway. Why – mostly because of habit and laziness. Good yummy fast food is fine once or twice a week but millions of people consume these types of foods for every meal. These highly processed foods contain many hundreds of chemical additives that are less than good for you.

Excess Stress – Stress has become a way of life for most of us; fortunately we can take key nutrients to nourish and support our stress response system. By supporting the central nervous system and the adrenal glands with high mega doses of these nutrients; the body can manage excess stress without the often serious side effects. We use – StressEze available from Phoenix Nutritionals.
Environmental pollution is the one factor that seems to be completely out of our control. While there is little one person can do to improve this situation we can all take protective nutrients such as the antioxidants, to protect the body from the free radical and cross linkage damage that results from exposure to these environmental pollutants. A broad spectrum of antioxidant nutrients should be a part of every good Full Spectrum Nutrient Supplement. Consider our, High Vitality Liquid which contains over 12 heavy hitting antioxidants. Check back often for the latest information on what causes cancer.

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The Low Energy Epidemic

Did you know that complaints of low energy and fatigue are the number one reason why people visit their doctors? Over 50% of all doctor visits revolve around this complaint. Low energy is what we call one of the first lines of symptoms your body produces when it is out of internal balance due to multiple nutrient deficiencies. If left unaddressed, this fatigue will progress to a host of other symptoms.

Millions of people use a variety of stimulants such as caffeine, which may be found in coffee and all those so-called energy drinks. These can give you a temporary boost but often a crash comes afterward. Further, caffeine increases urine output, depleting the body of essential water soluble nutrients including many vitamins and minerals. These deficiencies further damage the internal balance of the body leading you farther down the road towards chronic disease.

We have found that rather than falsely stimulating the body several times during the work day, a better way to find lasting and permanent energy and vitality is to provide the body with the 100+ nutrients it needs every day and let your internal chemistry take what it needs and use these nutrients to maintain wellness.

By taking this approach you are solving the problems that cause fatigue and many other nagging issues such as stiffness, aches, and pains and others. These are most often related to long term nutrient deficiencies that the popular energy drinks on the market cannot address, but in fact often times they can make the situation worse. We recommend a Full Spectrum Multi-nutrient supplement everyday called High Vitality.

Contact our research office for further information on your fatigue issues: 1-888-454-8464. Watch my video The Dangers of Energy Drinks

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You’re Immunity: T and B cell Function

T cell Function
While in the thymus gland, T cells multiply and are capable of combining with specific foreign antigens which makes them ‘sensitized’ to that specific Antigen. These cells then produce a specific immunity to that particular Antigen. This is called Cell Mediated Immunity.

There are several types of T cells within the body, each with specific, unique functions. The destruction of foreign cells directly is accomplished by Natural Killer T cells (NK cells), Helper T cells release substances which stimulate or regulate other T cells in the destruction of foreign invaders. It is these Helper T Cells that are destroyed by the AIDS virus, making it so dangerous.

Specific T cells, called Suppressor T cells, turn off the immune response when it is no longer necessary. In order to retain the memory of a specific Antigen, Memory T cells keep a chemical picture of the foreign substance so that the Immune System can respond rapidly the next time this same invader is encountered.
In putting this all together, T cells work together with Macrophages, which devour the invaders, in the immune process. In order for a T cell to respond and build a resistance, the Antigen must be ‘presented’ to the T cell on the surface of a Macrophage.

B Cells and Antibodies

The chemical substance the body uses to destroy a specific invading Antigen is called an Antibody. Also known as an Immunoglobulin (Ig), Antibodies are manufactured by the second type of Lymphocyte, the B cells, present in the Immune System. Each of these cells in turn, produces Antibodies, chemicals that circulate in the blood, destroying the Antigen. This form of immunity is called Humoral Immunity because ‘humoral’ refers to the body fluids. Like the T cells, some of the B cells remain active in the blood and retain the memory of the specific Antigens they have battled in the past. Should these substances enter the body again; these cells will be able to respond to the invasion much more rapidly than before.

While we understand that this brief description of the Immune System may seem complex, keep in mind that from infancy forward, your Immune System is capable of protecting you from many millions of foreign substances, even those that are synthetic or manmade. All through this process, the system is kept in check so that it does not overreact, for should this occur, Allergies or worse yet, Autoimmune Disease may be the result. Due to lack of proper nutrients from the daily diet, combined with the ever increasing number of synthetic foreign chemicals, not found in nature, invading our environment, the Immune System can become exhausted. If this occurs it does not always recognize some of these Antigens, allowing them to multiply within us to the point of infectious or chemically induced disease. I talk more about this in my special report Your Immune System -Why It Fails & How to Fix It.

As you can see by my series of articles on the Immune System it is a complex and delicate system indeed. The health of your immune system is translates to your overall health so what’s the best way to keep it healthy?

1. Get adequate rest
2. Get regular exercise
3. Take a Full Spectrum nutrient supplement every day
4. Use an immune boosting/nourishing supplement to keep your immune system strong

The combination of formulas we recommend are called High Vitality Multiple and ImmuGuard – a targeted support formula for the immune system. Both of these are available from Phoenix Nutritionals or by calling them at 1-800-440-2390.

Should you have any questions about these articles you can reach our research office at 1-888-454-8464 and feel free to take our FREE Immune Quiz and check back often for the latest nutrition articles. For more information on your immune system watch my video Dr Whiting on The Immune System.

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Comprehensive Nutrient Evaluation

The language of the body consists of symptoms. These symptoms tell us when there is something out of balance with the internal biochemistry. The comprehensive Nutrient Evaluation Test was developed by The Institute of Nutritional Science to help identify any potential deficiencies so that they may be corrected BEFORE they might become major issues. By providing the right targeted nutritional support the body is in the best possible position to heal itself through rebalance.

The test consists of over 250 yes or no questions, in over 30 categories. Each is designed to identify specific nutrient or nutrient group deficiencies. The test further correlates each group with the others so that we can help ensure that your nutrient program is not only balanced but in the right ratio for your individual body needs.

Dr Whiting on Revealing Nutrition Deficiencies

Once completed an Institute Staff Member will contact you with the results of your answers and make any recommendations they feel necessary to correct your deficiencies. Call us at 1-888-454-8464 to order today. Check back often for the latest nutrition information.

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Chronic Diseases are increasing At Alarming Rates!

While infectious disease have continued to decline in industrialized nations for several decades, the chronic illnesses (those non-contagious) have explosively increased to the point of epidemic proportions.

Currently it is estimated that 387 million people are living with type II diabetes and as many as another 100 million have likely been undiagnosed. Here at the Institute we have developed a natural formula called Blood Sugar Support, which has been shown to help support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.

Stress, one of the leading health problems in society, costing over 300 billion in management and related illnesses in the U S alone, it affects almost 50% of the population at virtually every age level. Our formula is called Stress Eze, which provides natural nutritional support for both the central nervous system and the adrenal glands.

Heart disease management costs in excess of 500 billion annually and in spite of all the drugs and medical procedures developed, still ranks as the leading cause of death! Our formula Heart Wisdom, provides multi-faceted nutritional support for every phase of cardio vascular health.

Over 20 million people are suffering from common osteo-arthritis. This figure is expected to double in the next decade. The formula we developed is called Joint Flow Capsules, and this formula provides nutrient support for the joint and connective tissues of the body.

Obesity has hit nearly 50% of the population in many States with no end in sight. Childhood obesity has tripled in the past 30 years, now affecting kids as young as 6 years and up.

The one thing that all these problems have in common is that they are all related to lifestyle issues that can easily be prevented!! Behind the development of virtually every chronic disorder are multiple nutrient deficiencies that have gone on for years or decades. Remember the end result of all nutrient deficiencies is chronic disease.

Here at our Research Institute we have developed formulas to address these deficiencies so that your body is better able to heal itself naturally. Please feel free to contact us for further information and to take advantage of our evaluation programs to help your body prevent and even reverse these debilitating conditions.

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Nutricion de Espectro Completo

El desafio que enfrentamos hoy con nuestra salud no son enfermedades  infecciosas si no que  han sido remplasadas por un grupo de enfermedades de desordenes no infecciosos, si no cronicos, como el artrithis, enfermedades del corazon, diabetes, exceso de stress, complicaciones de menopausia, desordenes digestivos, y obesidad estos solo son algunos. Diabetes tipo II es una epidemia entre ciertos grupos de personas incluyendo latinos, americanos natives, y afro americanos, hay un porcentage que una de tres personas de estos grupos desarrollara’ diabetes  durante su vida. Las encuestas que se han hecho de cientos de estudios clinicos indica que la mayoria de estas enfermedades puede prevenirse o por lo menos cuidarse con suplementos nutritivos vitaminicos y con dieta adecuada. Nuestro centro de investigacion ha tenido mucho exito en llevar a cabo estos  estudios  clinicos y desarrollar formulas especificas que proveen al cuerpo con la nutricion en las deficiencias fisicas  para proporcionar sanacion y bienestar a su cuerpo por medio de suplementos nutritivos y asi tambien evitar otras  clases de enfermedades.

Le invitamos a escuchar estos mensages de audio para que aprenda mas acerca de como obtener mayor salud y bienestar cuando incluye en su vida suplemento dietetico de nutricion que su cuerpo requiere

1- Nuestra Crisis de Salud.

Esta seccion trata de la gran crisis de enfermedades no infecciosas y de como hemos llegado asta aqui y que podemos hacer para prevenir este tipo the enfermedades para que no destruya nuesta salud.

2- Nutricion de Spectro Completo.

Uno de los mayores avances en la ciencia de nutricion fue desarrollado en nuestro propio instituto y lleva por nombre nutricion de aspectro completo esto es supliendo al cuerpo todos los nutrientes que necesita en la potencia y proporcion entre uno y otro para hacer un rebalance en la bioquimica interna que produsca el proceso de sanacion por si solo.

3- Revirtiendo las Enfermedades.

Casi todas las enfermedades cronicas degenerativas son el resultado de un desequilibrio bioquimico del cuerpo, pero podemos ayudar al cuerpo a recuperar su salud por medio de nutrientes claves y especificos que han mostrado que ayudan al cuerpo a sanarse y hacer reversible la causa de las enfermedades degenerativas.

4- Un Programa Para Usted

Vea! Que facil es para nosotros ayudarle a disenar un programa de suplementos nutritivos que suplira’ exactamente todo lo que su cuerpo necesita para ponerlo en el mejor lugar apropiado a su organismo para prevenir incluso hacer reversible las  condiciones cronicas de enfermedad.

Descubra! Que facil verdaderamente es nuestro programa.

The challenges facing our health today are no longer the infectious diseases. They have been replaced by a group of illnesses called chronic non-infectious disorders, which include arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, excess stress, complications of menopause, digestive disorders, and obesity to name a few. In fact type II diabetes is epidemic among certain groups including Latinos, Native Americans, and African Americans. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people from these groups will develop diabetes in their lifetime.

Research gathered from hundreds of clinical medical studies indicates that the majority of these diseases can be prevented or at least better managed with proper dietary supplements and certain diet changes. Our research center has been very successful in taking that research and developing key formulas that provide the body with the missing nutrients that it needs to heal itself and prevent the onset of these disorders. We invite you to listen to these audios to learn more about how you can enjoy greater health and wellness by adding the right dietary supplements to your life.

Nuestra Crisis de Salud – This section talks about the greatest health crisis since infectious disease and how we arrived at this point and what we can do to prevent these illnesses from destroying our health.

Nutricion de Espectro Completo – One of the major advances in nutrition science was developed here at our Institute – namely Full Spectrum Nutrition. By supplying the body with all the nutrients it needs in the right potency and ratio to each other we can rebalance the body’s internal chemistry and support it in the process of healing itself.

Reversando las Enfermedades – Since most all chronic degenerative diseases are the result of an imbalance in the body chemistry, we can support the body in reversing these conditions through the use of key targeted nutrients that have shown to help the body to heal itself and reverse the process that caused the illness.

Un Programa para Usted –Find out how easy it is for us to help design a program of supplements that will meet your body’s nutritional needs and thereby put it in the best possible place to prevent and even reverse many chronic conditions.


Cheating Death 2015 Seminars

My newly revised and updated seminar called “Cheating Death” is going on the road. I will be offering this educational seminar through professional health care businesses in many parts of the country over the next 3 to 4 months.

If you are a health or fitness business and would like to find out more about scheduling a Cheating Death seminar in your area please contact our offices, at 1-888-454-8464.

Cheating Death illustrates how America became one of the most nutrient deficient countries in the world and the terrible toll this has taken on our health. Chronic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and arthritis are all the result of years of nutrient depletion of the nutrients in our foods. We consume higher and higher amounts of calories and still cannot get even the minimum requirement of nutrients.

This presentation then goes on to show how proper nutrition, diet, and exercise can go a long way in reversing these illnesses as once the right amount of nutrients are provided, the body is in the best possible position to heal itself.

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Stress and Diabetes

We all experience elevated levels of excess stress from time to time – some more so than others. It is well established that excess stress can have a host of negative effects on the body and can make almost any pre-existing conditions much worse. When it comes to type II diabetes however the effects of stress can be significant and even serious.

Stress is necessary and the body is equipped to handle “normal amounts” of everyday stress very well. When the stress becomes excessive however and lasts for long periods it can become a greater and greater issue, especially for those also suffering from type II diabetes.

Physiologically when we react to stress our bodies increase production of hormones that raise blood sugar. The body is preparing for a crisis and increases blood sugar to provide needed energy for the “flight or fight” syndrome. Once the perceived crisis passes the blood sugar slowly returns to normal. However what happens when the stress is chronic and ongoing? People under constant stress also have constant elevated blood sugar levels. If you are diabetic this can be dangerous as your body already has difficulty keeping blood sugar under control.

Stress management should always be part of any diabetes management program. In addition to making smart food choices, keeping carbohydrates low, and getting regular exercise, those with type II diabetes should learn to better manage stress in their lives.

Dr Whiting on Stress Management

Finally one of the most important things you can do is to take the nutrients in high potencies that are linked to controlling blood sugar and stress. We have developed two formulas that we always use with all our type II diabetes clients. The first is called GlucoCrave Xtreme and it’s designed to improve insulin resistance and reduce cravings for sugary foods.

The second is called Stress Eze and as the name implies, is designed to nourish the central nervous system and the adrenal glands, reducing the harmful effects of excess prolonged stress. Both of these formulas are below

Key nutrients for a high stress lifestyle

Aggressive support for obesity, hypoglycemia, and diabetes

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Nutrition Screening Service Now Available!

I have long wanted a way to be able to determine the potential deficiencies of all the nutrients required for optimal health. I have been working on a diagnostic online test that is based on symptomology – the language of the body to identify specific nutrient deficiencies. This goal has become a reality!
I am pleased to announce our new tool for assisting you with optimal nutrient intake:

Nutrition Screening!
WATCH – Dr Whiting on Revealing Nutrition Deficiencies

To launch this new service we are offering you the opportunity to take this online screening, normally a $50.00 value, at no charge to you.

Just call us at 1-888-454-8464 for more information.

If you have any questions call my office at 1-888-454-8464
We are very excited about this new tool and look forward to receiving your test.

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Stress can be worse than what’s causing It

We live in a stressful world – one of our own making but nonetheless a stress filled life. It has been said that stress is the cardinal cause of most all illnesses and current research tends to bear this out. An example of this is recent research that points to the fact that excess stress may be a greater factor in heart disease than atherosclerosis!

Consider these negative effects from stress:

It makes you exhausted – Stress produces anxiety, which in turn, over time, produces depression. These states wreck havoc with our adrenal glands and eventually your immune system.

It can mess with your libido – When your head is preoccupied with excess stress, it’s harder to “get in the mood” for intimacy.

Stress can impair digestion – Stress interferes with the production of vital stomach acids, which in turn prevent the production of enzymes necessary for further digestion. Gas, bloating, heartburn and bowel disturbances are often the result.

Stress Makes Your Skin Explode – Excess stress causes imbalances in sex hormones. When the androgens in your body spike, acne and other skin problems are often the result.
The point is that stress can affect virtually every aspect of human biochemistry, making any existing conditions that much worse. This means that managing stress if present, should be an integral p[art of any health building support program.

Some time ago we developed a stress formula that supports both the central nervous system and nourishes the adrenal glands, which are your stress glands. This formula helps the body to chemically manage stress more effectively and may support the body in reducing the many side effects of excess stress.

You can obtain this formula from Phoenix Nutritionals or by calling them at 1-800-440-2390.

If you should have any questions about this or any other nutrition subject you can reach our Research Office at 1-888-454-8464.