Calcium deficiency is very common among people over the age of 50. Calcium is one of the most difficult minerals for the body to absorb, leading to osteoporosis and bone fractures.

Preventing Bone Loss at Any Age

Osteoporosis or the loss of bone density is so common that it seems almost inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be! Another myth about bone loss is that it only happens to old people. While we are more susceptible to this as we age, it can start happening as early as middle age. Bone loss occurs for one simple reason – a lack of calcium returning to the bones. Every day we lose bone mass even when young but as long as the body is able to replace the calcium necessary to rebuild that bone everything stays even. As we age we tend to lose the ability to transport calcium back to the bones. This may be caused by a variety of factors such as poor digestion, lack of calcium in the diet or in some cases hormonal imbalances.

Calcium is one of the hardest minerals for the body to absorb and it can only be absorbed when it is properly acidified. This is why many supplement manufacturers pre-acidify their calcium and other minerals through a process called chelation. Even with this supportive measure present many of us are so lacking in natural stomach acids that the calcium we absorb is minimal. We often say that if digestive disturbances are present your calcium absorption is probably compromised.

The next factor is to help ensure that the calcium we do absorb is transported back to bone tissue. For this we rely on several key trace minerals such a boron, manganese, copper, zinc, and strontium. In fact strontium is so effective in carrying calcium back, to bone tissues that it has been shown clinically, to increase calcium to bone transport by up to 10-fold.

When looking for a calcium supplement be sure that the minerals are chelated and that all the supportive trace minerals are also present in the formula. In order to get the most benefit from your calcium these trace minerals must be present at the same time as the calcium so taking a formula with all these in one is the logical approach.

Our calcium formula that we are using is the only formula that has been proven to not only stop bone loss but to actually increase bone density by as much as 2% every year. This makes the combination ideal for virtually anyone age 50 or older. Order Bio-Complete Calcium Plus today and check back soon for more information about the best calcium supplement coming next week.

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Controlling Inflammation within the Body

There are many forms of inflammation: acute inflammation would be what happens when you drop a brick on your foot, chronic inflammation is ongoing such as with arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and lastly there is silent inflammation, which exists below the body’s pain awareness level so it can be going on and you would be unaware of it. Regardless which form of inflammation you have, if it goes on long enough it will damage living tissues and even contribute to their destruction as in arthritis for an example.

This is why controlling inflammation is so important. While the inflammatory process is protective in acute situations, it can become very destructive should it be present for prolonged periods. Pain and inflammation are so common it has made over the counter pain meds one of the most popular non-prescription drugs available. Just because they are over the counter doesn’t mean that they are without side effects however. Excess use can result in internal bleeding and other blood consistency changes.

These potentially dangerous side effects can oftentimes be avoided by using natural nutrients that also have anti-inflammatory properties but without the blood thinning effects. Once again we find several such nutrients through clinical research and when they are used together the effects are much greater than if we used just one or two alone.

Silent inflammation can slowly damage internal tissues, which is what we see happening in people with diabetes and heart disease for example. Insulin the hormone that regulates blood sugar is highly pro-inflammatory when present to excess as it is in type II diabetes. Much of the damage to arteries and even the heart itself is now thought to be the result of silent inflammation over years of time. This is why we advise all of our clients that come to us to take a natural inflammation support formula if they have almost any chronic ongoing disorder present.

The formula we use is now available from www.phoenixnutritionals.com. It’s called InflamEze. Check back next week for more information about Digestive Awareness Month, please call Dr Whiting at 1-888-454-8464 anytime.

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Arthritis – The Preventable Chronic Disorder

Millions of people suffer from one form of arthritis or another. By far the most common is osteoarthritis, which accounts for almost 70% of all arthritis cases worldwide. This form of arthritis is the result of a destruction of the cartilage tissues that cushions bone within joints. As the joint ages and becomes less flexible, increased trauma takes place resulting in irritation and inflammation. The inflammatory process is very pro destructive as synovial fluid enters the joint, increasing the destruction of cartilage tissue. As this condition continues great pain and loss of motion is the result.

The best way to address this situation is to do so sooner rather than later. As long as there is some cartilage left in a joint it can be rebuilt with the right nutrients. Once again the concept of totality plays a key role in this process. Using such nutrients as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine is fine but much better results may be obtained when several joint support nutrients are used at the same time. The combination makes the individual nutrients much more effective.

Exercise is also very important for those suffering from arthritis as it helps prevent the freezing up of joints and the loss of range of motion. Exercise however should be such that it works the joints but not over extends them as this can make the joint pain worse and may even further damage the integrity of the joint itself.

The key to managing and even reversing arthritis is three fold. Firstly to help control inflammation through key nutrients. Prolonged inflammation of tissues results in their accelerated destruction. Next is to provide the body with the raw materials needed to rebuild the joint, cartilage, and connective tissues. Lastly is to ensure that the organs of elimination are regularly detoxified. Excess toxins in the body are a major contributor to the arthritic process.

The formulas we developed for this program are called InflamEze for inflammation support, Joint Flow for joint support and Slim Cleanse for assisting the body in the elimination of excess toxins. These formulas may be obtained from Phoenix Nutritionals. Check back soon for more information about Osteoporosis Awareness Month coming next week.

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May is Arthritis, Osteoporosis, & Digestion Awareness Month!

This month the focus nationwide is on three chronic and epidemic disorders namely arthritis, osteoporosis, and digestive disorders. Arthritis is so common in people over 50 that if they go to a doctor and are asked about arthritis and say that they don’t have this problem the doctor notes that “patient denies arthritis”!! Nonetheless for millions of people the pain and immobility of arthritis issues compromise their quality of life on a daily basis. Arthritis is the loss of cartilage tissue due to a variety of chemical breakdowns. The good news is that cartilage can be rebuilt with the right nutrients. Also natural anti-inflammatory nutrients can help control inflammation, stiffness, and pain.

It has often been said that health begins in the digestive tract and this is true because if your digestion is compromised it’s not only uncomfortable but also results in a lack of absorption of nutrients, leading to a variety of other health challenges. Most all digestive problems such as gas, boating, heartburn, Acid reflux, and bowel disturbances are the result of an imbalance in the stomach pH. When the stomach is to alkaline, proteins and minerals are not absorbed. This lack of acid also prevents the formation of enzymes necessary to digest fats and carbohydrates. Fortunately fixing this problem is relatively easy. By adding factors to improve stomach acid production and raw materials the body uses to build digestive enzymes we can eliminate these issues safely.

Joint Flow – This formula provides the raw materials to support the rebuilding of joint connective tissue and cartilage. This is the first step in managing arthritic conditions through natural support

Inflameze – This formula provides support for better managing inflammation within the body, helping to reduce pain and swelling.

Bio-Complete Calcium Plus – This combination of calcium and supportive trace minerals has been shown to have the highest absorption rate of any form of calcium, thus helping to replace lost bone mass.

DigestEze – This formula provides support for a healthy digestive system by increasing natural stomach acids and providing the raw materials the body needs to manufacture digestive enzymes in adequate amounts to ensure full digestion and absorption of nutrients from food. Check back soon for more information about Digestion Awareness Month coming next week.

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Comprehensive Nutrient Evaluation

The language of the body consists of symptoms. These symptoms tell us when there is something out of balance with the internal biochemistry. The comprehensive Nutrient Evaluation Test was developed by The Institute of Nutritional Science to help identify any potential deficiencies so that they may be corrected BEFORE they might become major issues. By providing the right targeted nutritional support the body is in the best possible position to heal itself through rebalance.

The test consists of over 250 yes or no questions, in over 30 categories. Each is designed to identify specific nutrient or nutrient group deficiencies. The test further correlates each group with the others so that we can help ensure that your nutrient program is not only balanced but in the right ratio for your individual body needs.

Dr Whiting on Revealing Nutrition Deficiencies

Once completed an Institute Staff Member will contact you with the results of your answers and make any recommendations they feel necessary to correct your deficiencies. Call us at 1-888-454-8464 to order today. Check back often for the latest nutrition information.

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NBC’s Today Show’s Twisted Calcium Show

A recent meta-analysis conducted at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and published in the British Medical Journal states that taking calcium supplements do not prevent bone loss or fractures in older people. The study goes on to say that there is no link that calcium supplements or even dietary calcium is of any benefit. How can this be when there are dozens of studies to the contrary?

The calcium used in these negative studies was always calcium carbonate or ground up rocks. In those over the age of 50 this form of calcium is almost impossible to absorb. This would account for the lack of beneficial response. Unfortunately the study does not make a differentiation between one form of calcium over another. In order for calcium to be absorbed and hence have benefit, it must be acidified. For example we use a combination of calcium citrate and calcium malate to help ensure absorption. Further to that we also include all the key trace minerals shown to further enhance calcium uptake. I have always said that all calcium supplements are not equal. The inexpensive products sold in drug stores and “warehouses” are almost always calcium carbonate with no supportive nutrients added – hence the lack of absorption.

The study goes on to say that taking these calcium supplements may be harmful and deposit in the arteries and the kidneys – again only if the calcium is alkaline and without supportive nutrients. I have spent 30+ years educating folks about the need for total nutrition and the possible downside of fragmenting by taking only a few nutrients in the absence of others. This is one example of this.

When using supplements it is essential to use all the known nutrient factors together. Our calcium formula that we developed has shown to not only halt bone loss but to actually increase bone density in post-menopausal women. But in order for calcium to do this it must be acidified and have magnesium, boron, manganese, copper, zinc, and especially strontium for absorption.

Fragmenting nutrition has a host of side effects, which is why we have made our Full Spectrum formulas that contain all the known nutrients the body needs on a daily basis. Our calcium formula is offered by Phoenix Nutritionals and contains all the known absorption factors in an acidic environment. It is called Bio-Complete Calcium Plus. Our Full Spectrum formulas are also offered through them and may be obtained there as well. Check back often for the latest information on Calcium and absorption.

If you should have any further questions about the calcium cover up just call my office at 1-888-454-8464 and to learn more about calcium absorption watch my video Dr Whiting on Calcium, Absorption, and Osteoporosis

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Chronic Diseases are increasing At Alarming Rates!

While infectious disease have continued to decline in industrialized nations for several decades, the chronic illnesses (those non-contagious) have explosively increased to the point of epidemic proportions.

Currently it is estimated that 387 million people are living with type II diabetes and as many as another 100 million have likely been undiagnosed. Here at the Institute we have developed a natural formula called Blood Sugar Support, which has been shown to help support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels.

Stress, one of the leading health problems in society, costing over 300 billion in management and related illnesses in the U S alone, it affects almost 50% of the population at virtually every age level. Our formula is called Stress Eze, which provides natural nutritional support for both the central nervous system and the adrenal glands.

Heart disease management costs in excess of 500 billion annually and in spite of all the drugs and medical procedures developed, still ranks as the leading cause of death! Our formula Heart Wisdom, provides multi-faceted nutritional support for every phase of cardio vascular health.

Over 20 million people are suffering from common osteo-arthritis. This figure is expected to double in the next decade. The formula we developed is called Joint Flow Capsules, and this formula provides nutrient support for the joint and connective tissues of the body.

Obesity has hit nearly 50% of the population in many States with no end in sight. Childhood obesity has tripled in the past 30 years, now affecting kids as young as 6 years and up.

The one thing that all these problems have in common is that they are all related to lifestyle issues that can easily be prevented!! Behind the development of virtually every chronic disorder are multiple nutrient deficiencies that have gone on for years or decades. Remember the end result of all nutrient deficiencies is chronic disease.

Here at our Research Institute we have developed formulas to address these deficiencies so that your body is better able to heal itself naturally. Please feel free to contact us for further information and to take advantage of our evaluation programs to help your body prevent and even reverse these debilitating conditions.

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Nutricion de Espectro Completo

El desafio que enfrentamos hoy con nuestra salud no son enfermedades  infecciosas si no que  han sido remplasadas por un grupo de enfermedades de desordenes no infecciosos, si no cronicos, como el artrithis, enfermedades del corazon, diabetes, exceso de stress, complicaciones de menopausia, desordenes digestivos, y obesidad estos solo son algunos. Diabetes tipo II es una epidemia entre ciertos grupos de personas incluyendo latinos, americanos natives, y afro americanos, hay un porcentage que una de tres personas de estos grupos desarrollara’ diabetes  durante su vida. Las encuestas que se han hecho de cientos de estudios clinicos indica que la mayoria de estas enfermedades puede prevenirse o por lo menos cuidarse con suplementos nutritivos vitaminicos y con dieta adecuada. Nuestro centro de investigacion ha tenido mucho exito en llevar a cabo estos  estudios  clinicos y desarrollar formulas especificas que proveen al cuerpo con la nutricion en las deficiencias fisicas  para proporcionar sanacion y bienestar a su cuerpo por medio de suplementos nutritivos y asi tambien evitar otras  clases de enfermedades.

Le invitamos a escuchar estos mensages de audio para que aprenda mas acerca de como obtener mayor salud y bienestar cuando incluye en su vida suplemento dietetico de nutricion que su cuerpo requiere

1- Nuestra Crisis de Salud.

Esta seccion trata de la gran crisis de enfermedades no infecciosas y de como hemos llegado asta aqui y que podemos hacer para prevenir este tipo the enfermedades para que no destruya nuesta salud.

2- Nutricion de Spectro Completo.

Uno de los mayores avances en la ciencia de nutricion fue desarrollado en nuestro propio instituto y lleva por nombre nutricion de aspectro completo esto es supliendo al cuerpo todos los nutrientes que necesita en la potencia y proporcion entre uno y otro para hacer un rebalance en la bioquimica interna que produsca el proceso de sanacion por si solo.

3- Revirtiendo las Enfermedades.

Casi todas las enfermedades cronicas degenerativas son el resultado de un desequilibrio bioquimico del cuerpo, pero podemos ayudar al cuerpo a recuperar su salud por medio de nutrientes claves y especificos que han mostrado que ayudan al cuerpo a sanarse y hacer reversible la causa de las enfermedades degenerativas.

4- Un Programa Para Usted

Vea! Que facil es para nosotros ayudarle a disenar un programa de suplementos nutritivos que suplira’ exactamente todo lo que su cuerpo necesita para ponerlo en el mejor lugar apropiado a su organismo para prevenir incluso hacer reversible las  condiciones cronicas de enfermedad.

Descubra! Que facil verdaderamente es nuestro programa.

The challenges facing our health today are no longer the infectious diseases. They have been replaced by a group of illnesses called chronic non-infectious disorders, which include arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, excess stress, complications of menopause, digestive disorders, and obesity to name a few. In fact type II diabetes is epidemic among certain groups including Latinos, Native Americans, and African Americans. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people from these groups will develop diabetes in their lifetime.

Research gathered from hundreds of clinical medical studies indicates that the majority of these diseases can be prevented or at least better managed with proper dietary supplements and certain diet changes. Our research center has been very successful in taking that research and developing key formulas that provide the body with the missing nutrients that it needs to heal itself and prevent the onset of these disorders. We invite you to listen to these audios to learn more about how you can enjoy greater health and wellness by adding the right dietary supplements to your life.

Nuestra Crisis de Salud – This section talks about the greatest health crisis since infectious disease and how we arrived at this point and what we can do to prevent these illnesses from destroying our health.

Nutricion de Espectro Completo – One of the major advances in nutrition science was developed here at our Institute – namely Full Spectrum Nutrition. By supplying the body with all the nutrients it needs in the right potency and ratio to each other we can rebalance the body’s internal chemistry and support it in the process of healing itself.

Reversando las Enfermedades – Since most all chronic degenerative diseases are the result of an imbalance in the body chemistry, we can support the body in reversing these conditions through the use of key targeted nutrients that have shown to help the body to heal itself and reverse the process that caused the illness.

Un Programa para Usted –Find out how easy it is for us to help design a program of supplements that will meet your body’s nutritional needs and thereby put it in the best possible place to prevent and even reverse many chronic conditions.


Cheating Death 2015 Seminars

My newly revised and updated seminar called “Cheating Death” is going on the road. I will be offering this educational seminar through professional health care businesses in many parts of the country over the next 3 to 4 months.

If you are a health or fitness business and would like to find out more about scheduling a Cheating Death seminar in your area please contact our offices, at 1-888-454-8464.

Cheating Death illustrates how America became one of the most nutrient deficient countries in the world and the terrible toll this has taken on our health. Chronic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and arthritis are all the result of years of nutrient depletion of the nutrients in our foods. We consume higher and higher amounts of calories and still cannot get even the minimum requirement of nutrients.

This presentation then goes on to show how proper nutrition, diet, and exercise can go a long way in reversing these illnesses as once the right amount of nutrients are provided, the body is in the best possible position to heal itself.

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Nutrition Screening Service Now Available!

I have long wanted a way to be able to determine the potential deficiencies of all the nutrients required for optimal health. I have been working on a diagnostic online test that is based on symptomology – the language of the body to identify specific nutrient deficiencies. This goal has become a reality!
I am pleased to announce our new tool for assisting you with optimal nutrient intake:

Nutrition Screening!
WATCH – Dr Whiting on Revealing Nutrition Deficiencies

To launch this new service we are offering you the opportunity to take this online screening, normally a $50.00 value, at no charge to you.

Just call us at 1-888-454-8464 for more information.

If you have any questions call my office at 1-888-454-8464
We are very excited about this new tool and look forward to receiving your test.

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Antidepressants and Bone Fractures!

A recent study has indicated an alarming link between certain antidepressants and an increase in bone fractures. Women taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s) to treat menopausal symptoms are up to 76 percent more likely to break a bone, according to the study. This increased risk persists for at least 5 years following the SSRI treatment, suggesting that alternative drugs should strongly be considered.

Currently antidepressant drugs are the third most commonly prescribed drugs in the U.S. The study included more than 137,000 women ages 40 to 64 with no mental health issues who started SSRI treatment between 1998 and 2010. The investigators found that after just one year of treatment, women on SSRI’s were 76 percent more likely to suffer a fracture. The risk persisted at year 2 and at year 5 of the study.

It has been determined that the biological connection between increased fractures and SSRI use is at least partially attributed to antidepressant-related modulation of bone homeostasis, which causes bone mineral depletion.

So what to do? Well if you find that you need an antidepressant ask your doctor about one that will minimize the damage to your bones. Secondly, be sure to take a calcium supplement that contains chelated calcium and also all the known trace minerals that are needed for uptake to the bones. This may offset the negative effects of the anti-depressants by replacing lost minerals in bone tissues, keeping the bone density healthy.

The formula we developed at our Research Institute has been proven to not only stop bone loss in menopausal women but it has shown to be able to actually increase bone density through bio electrical re-mineralization.

The formula is called Bio-Complete Calcium Plus and is available through

Bio Complete Calcium Plus

Dr Whiting on Calcium, Absorption, and Osteoporosis

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Calcium & Magnesium miracle minerals

Two essential minerals necessary for a wide variety of internal functions are also two of the most difficult for the body to absorb, especially after age 50. These two minerals, calcium and magnesium, have so many benefits but I thought I would highlight two of these that very few people are aware of:

Calcium –Helps you lose weight! In a study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association it was found that you could have an easier time of losing weight if you increased your intake of absorbable calcium. This study evaluated the intake of calcium over a 10-year period in women whose age average 45 to 60 years. Those who took at least 500 mg o9f chelated absorbable calcium had a significantly lower 10-year weight gain than those not taking calcium.

Magnesium – A factor in Syndrome X – Syndrome X is a cluster of symptoms and problems associated with Metabolic Syndrome, or excess insulin production. These include hypoglycemia, type II Diabetes, PCOS, obesity, hypertension, elevated triglycerides, and many other factors. Studies indicate that syndrome X may be brought on or made worse by a long-term deficiency of magnesium. In a study evaluating those with syndrome X it was found that 49% of these people had clinically low levels of magnesium. We know that trace minerals like chromium and vanadium are beneficial for those suffering from syndrome X but now we may want to add magnesium as well.

Since these two minerals are very difficult to absorb as we age, a supplement that provides them must have several factors built in to enhance that potential such as the pH- it must be acidic, the presence of key vitamins such as vitamin D, and the supporting trace minerals such as boron, copper, manganese and even zinc all play a role in the uptake of these minerals. Recent studies have also shown the micro trace element strontium can increase calcium and magnesium absorption by as much as 60%!!

Check out my calcium formula at Phoenix Nutritionals it’s called Bio-Complete Calcium and it has all the known co-factors for the maximum absorption of both calcium and magnesium.

Liquid vitamins provide maximum absorption

People often ask what are the benefits, if any, from using a multi vitamin formula in liquid form. Well the delivery system is one of a few factors involved in achieving maximum absorption of the nutrients into the bloodstream and subsequently into the cells. Liquids tend to absorb more rapidly as they have the ability to pass through the stomach wall if the pH of the product is acidic.

Another benefit from a liquid delivery system is our ability as formulators, to pack higher amounts of nutrients, in greater potencies, into one convenient formula. Our liquid Full Spectrum formula has recently been re-evaluated and reformulated slightly to bring it up to the very latest in supplement research findings. We have also elected to change the name of the formula from Liquid Supreme to High Vitality. We feel this new name better reflects the overall benefit people repeatedly express when using it on a regular basis. Nothing major has changed same nutrients, same great taste, same convenience and the same Full Spectrum range of nutrients – just a new name.

By using a liquid delivery system we can get a wider range of nutrients into one formula making it not only convenient but much more economical. There is no other liquid supplement on the market that provides more nutrients in these potencies than High Vitality. Each ounce provides:

16 Vitamins
3 Fatty Acids
72 Major and Trace Minerals
8 Powerful Antioxidants
32 phytonutrients
8 Essential Amino Acids

This range of nutrients is rarely found in capsule or tablet formulas let alone liquids. Our formulation is indeed unique and from the response we receive from our users – well worth it. We have hundreds of people who have been using this product for well over 15 years and would never think of quitting.

If you haven’t tried the High Vitality just visit www.phoenixnutritionals.com to see what you are missing.