Immune System

The immune system regenerates during sleep and rest, so getting adequate sleep during higher periods of stress is helpful. Other ways in which we can boost our immunity and our protection are with immune supportive nutrients.

It’s Time to Boost the Immune System Again

Every Fall season brings the dreaded cold and flu season along with it. In many parts of the country September is already turning to the Fall so it’s the best time to begin thinking about boosting and nourishing your internal defense system.

We often ignore our immune health, taking it for granted and expecting it will always protect us. The truth is that your immune system can get tired and as a result respond slowly to invading microbes. When this happens, your chances of catching a cold or the flu increase tremendously. We recommend that everyone consider giving their immune system a boost during September and October so that it might be in the best possible condition to protect you over the winter months.

Your Immune System -Why It Fails & How to Fix It

Our research into nutrients that both nourish and boost the immune system has revealed several key targeted nutrients shown to be of benefit. These nutrients may be found together in the right potency and ratio for maximum effectiveness in our formula called ImmuGuard.

We suggest you consider taking 2 capsules of this formula 3 times per day for 30 days as a preventive and immune support. You can obtain this formula here: ImmuGuard or call them at 1-800-440-2390.

To learn more about your immune system and how to take care of it watch my video at the link below:

Dr Whiting on The Immune System
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Antibiotics Raise Concerns, Again

The following editorial is from my good friend Spencer Thornton, MD. We couldn’t agree more with his observations and the crisis that is rapidly at hand.

Antibotic Armageddon: A Global Crisis by Spencer Thornton, MD

In a recent TED talk, the esteemed science writer, Maryn McKenna, recounted terrifying stories behind emerging drug-resistant diseases that medical science is barely keeping at bay. Bacteria are showing up that are resistant to all but one or two antibiotics.

Today there are bacterial and viral diseases developing for which there are almost no effective antibiotics. McKenna reports, “In the United States and Europe about 50,000 people die annually from drug resistant diseases. It is estimated that there are about 700,000 deaths per year from antibiotic resistant diseases worldwide. If we don’t get this under control, it’s projected that by 2050 10 million people a year around the world will die from antibiotic-resistant infections.”

We are entering the post-antibiotic era.

Prior to Sir Alexander Fleming’s 1941 discovery of penicillin people died much younger than they do today, not of cancer, heart disease or lifestyle choices, but from infections (blood poisoning). Diseases that had been death-dealing prior to that time had met their match, and Fleming was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work in 1945. Penicillin was used universally from 1943 for everything you could think of. Penicillin resistance developed by 1945. Other antibiotics were developed. Vancomycin was put on the market in 1972, and resistance became evident by 1988. More recently developed antibiotics developed resistance in shorter and shorter times – some within a year of introduction.

How did this happen?

We’ve done it to ourselves. The main cause is overuse of antibiotics. We’ve gotten careless – almost cavalier, with antibiotics. We automatically demand antibiotics for every cold, sore throat, earache, and red eye we encounter.

Bacteria compete against each other for dominance and produce toxins for protection, and other bacteria evolve defenses against those toxins. These toxins are destructive to animal tissue and are becoming ubiquitous, partly because we overuse antibiotics and are careless in their use. 50 percent of antibiotics given in hospitals are unnecessary; 45 percent of those given in doctor’s offices are given for conditions (like viral infections) that antibiotics cannot help.

80 percent of antibiotics used in farm animals are given, not for active disease, but to fatten them up. Similarly, agricultural and aqua cultural uses are for product appearance. This is especially true of sea foods (shrimp and fish) imported from China and India and other Asian countries.

Why hasn’t our FDA better controlled antibiotic use in agriculture and medicine?

Armageddon is today. Tomorrow we have real problems. Without effective antibiotics we will lose people with weakened immune systems; people with cancer, aids, transplant recipients, cardiac patients, premature babies, cataract, intra-ocular and joint replacement patients. Today, preoperative antibiotics seem to be the standard-of-care for most surgical patients.

But there is hope. Chemicals produced by and in the body are effective in many cases to combat disease. Immune system modulators including fermented yeast, beta glucans and broad spectrum antioxidants are receiving more attention from the public and the medical profession. Nutrients that appropriately stimulate immune cells (B and T-cells) and provide overall antioxidant support are becoming more important as we face the challenge of resistance to disease. And, when an infection is overcome, subsequent immunity may result. All these nutrients sited by Dr. Thornton may be found in our Immune support formula: ImmuGuard

The best way to avoid antibiotic abuse it to keep your own internal defense system strong. Your immune system needs key nutrients just like every other system in your body, yet we often overlook our immune health, taking it for granted until it can no longer respond fast enough and a cold or the flu is the result. I personally do an immune boot twice a year and then whenever I travel or find myself exposed to higher levels of pathogens. I use the formula we developed right here and you can too. It’s called ImmuGuard and you can get it from the link below:


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Nutricion de Espectro Completo

El desafio que enfrentamos hoy con nuestra salud no son enfermedades  infecciosas si no que  han sido remplasadas por un grupo de enfermedades de desordenes no infecciosos, si no cronicos, como el artrithis, enfermedades del corazon, diabetes, exceso de stress, complicaciones de menopausia, desordenes digestivos, y obesidad estos solo son algunos. Diabetes tipo II es una epidemia entre ciertos grupos de personas incluyendo latinos, americanos natives, y afro americanos, hay un porcentage que una de tres personas de estos grupos desarrollara’ diabetes  durante su vida. Las encuestas que se han hecho de cientos de estudios clinicos indica que la mayoria de estas enfermedades puede prevenirse o por lo menos cuidarse con suplementos nutritivos vitaminicos y con dieta adecuada. Nuestro centro de investigacion ha tenido mucho exito en llevar a cabo estos  estudios  clinicos y desarrollar formulas especificas que proveen al cuerpo con la nutricion en las deficiencias fisicas  para proporcionar sanacion y bienestar a su cuerpo por medio de suplementos nutritivos y asi tambien evitar otras  clases de enfermedades.

Le invitamos a escuchar estos mensages de audio para que aprenda mas acerca de como obtener mayor salud y bienestar cuando incluye en su vida suplemento dietetico de nutricion que su cuerpo requiere

1- Nuestra Crisis de Salud.

Esta seccion trata de la gran crisis de enfermedades no infecciosas y de como hemos llegado asta aqui y que podemos hacer para prevenir este tipo the enfermedades para que no destruya nuesta salud.

2- Nutricion de Spectro Completo.

Uno de los mayores avances en la ciencia de nutricion fue desarrollado en nuestro propio instituto y lleva por nombre nutricion de aspectro completo esto es supliendo al cuerpo todos los nutrientes que necesita en la potencia y proporcion entre uno y otro para hacer un rebalance en la bioquimica interna que produsca el proceso de sanacion por si solo.

3- Revirtiendo las Enfermedades.

Casi todas las enfermedades cronicas degenerativas son el resultado de un desequilibrio bioquimico del cuerpo, pero podemos ayudar al cuerpo a recuperar su salud por medio de nutrientes claves y especificos que han mostrado que ayudan al cuerpo a sanarse y hacer reversible la causa de las enfermedades degenerativas.

4- Un Programa Para Usted

Vea! Que facil es para nosotros ayudarle a disenar un programa de suplementos nutritivos que suplira’ exactamente todo lo que su cuerpo necesita para ponerlo en el mejor lugar apropiado a su organismo para prevenir incluso hacer reversible las  condiciones cronicas de enfermedad.

Descubra! Que facil verdaderamente es nuestro programa.

The challenges facing our health today are no longer the infectious diseases. They have been replaced by a group of illnesses called chronic non-infectious disorders, which include arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, excess stress, complications of menopause, digestive disorders, and obesity to name a few. In fact type II diabetes is epidemic among certain groups including Latinos, Native Americans, and African Americans. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people from these groups will develop diabetes in their lifetime.

Research gathered from hundreds of clinical medical studies indicates that the majority of these diseases can be prevented or at least better managed with proper dietary supplements and certain diet changes. Our research center has been very successful in taking that research and developing key formulas that provide the body with the missing nutrients that it needs to heal itself and prevent the onset of these disorders. We invite you to listen to these audios to learn more about how you can enjoy greater health and wellness by adding the right dietary supplements to your life.

Nuestra Crisis de Salud – This section talks about the greatest health crisis since infectious disease and how we arrived at this point and what we can do to prevent these illnesses from destroying our health.

Nutricion de Espectro Completo – One of the major advances in nutrition science was developed here at our Institute – namely Full Spectrum Nutrition. By supplying the body with all the nutrients it needs in the right potency and ratio to each other we can rebalance the body’s internal chemistry and support it in the process of healing itself.

Reversando las Enfermedades – Since most all chronic degenerative diseases are the result of an imbalance in the body chemistry, we can support the body in reversing these conditions through the use of key targeted nutrients that have shown to help the body to heal itself and reverse the process that caused the illness.

Un Programa para Usted –Find out how easy it is for us to help design a program of supplements that will meet your body’s nutritional needs and thereby put it in the best possible place to prevent and even reverse many chronic conditions.


Cheating Death 2015 Seminars

My newly revised and updated seminar called “Cheating Death” is going on the road. I will be offering this educational seminar through professional health care businesses in many parts of the country over the next 3 to 4 months.

If you are a health or fitness business and would like to find out more about scheduling a Cheating Death seminar in your area please contact our offices, at 1-888-454-8464.

Cheating Death illustrates how America became one of the most nutrient deficient countries in the world and the terrible toll this has taken on our health. Chronic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and arthritis are all the result of years of nutrient depletion of the nutrients in our foods. We consume higher and higher amounts of calories and still cannot get even the minimum requirement of nutrients.

This presentation then goes on to show how proper nutrition, diet, and exercise can go a long way in reversing these illnesses as once the right amount of nutrients are provided, the body is in the best possible position to heal itself.

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More Vaccination Dangers

The chiropractic industry has been speaking out against most vaccinations as being dangerous for several decades. While I tend to agree with some exceptions I do think that it is interesting to put the vaccination issue in perspective. Recently the news media in North Carolina created fear frenzy over a few shark attacks in their state this past week. People are cancelling their summer vacations to the area out of fear.

Fear is often misplaced however. While the media focuses our attention on sharks, snakes, spiders, and other creatures that creates a panic, the number of deaths from all these creatures is about 183 per year. This includes sharks, alligators, bears, snakes, spiders, cows, dogs, bees, and other mammals.
Compare this to the number of deaths from vaccinations, which averages 39,000 per year!!

The problem with this type of select reporting is that it takes our attention away from what can be serious threats to our lives and focuses us instead on 1 or 2 shark deaths per year!

I’m not saying that all vaccinations are bad but it is wise to assess benefit vs. risk. If there is an outbreak in your area of some contagious condition a vaccination and their risks may be wise but why vaccinate for something that hasn’t been an issue for decades?

Better still would be to strengthen and boost your own internal immune system so you are better prepared to defend yourself against these bugs on your own.
We routinely use a formula we developed for immune support and it has helped keep thousands of people from catching colds the flu and other opportunistic bugs.

It’s called ImmuGuard and it may be obtained from ImmuGuard

For further information on the role of keeing your immune system healthy see my video at the link below:

Dr Whiting on The Immune System
Your Immune System -Why It Fails & How To Fix It

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Nutrition Screening Service Now Available!

I have long wanted a way to be able to determine the potential deficiencies of all the nutrients required for optimal health. I have been working on a diagnostic online test that is based on symptomology – the language of the body to identify specific nutrient deficiencies. This goal has become a reality!
I am pleased to announce our new tool for assisting you with optimal nutrient intake:

Nutrition Screening!
WATCH – Dr Whiting on Revealing Nutrition Deficiencies

To launch this new service we are offering you the opportunity to take this online screening, normally a $50.00 value, at no charge to you.

Just call us at 1-888-454-8464 for more information.

If you have any questions call my office at 1-888-454-8464
We are very excited about this new tool and look forward to receiving your test.

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