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More Vaccination Dangers

The chiropractic industry has been speaking out against most vaccinations as being dangerous for several decades. While I tend to agree with some exceptions I do think that it is interesting to put the vaccination issue in perspective. Recently the news media in North Carolina created fear frenzy over a few shark attacks in their state this past week. People are cancelling their summer vacations to the area out of fear.

Fear is often misplaced however. While the media focuses our attention on sharks, snakes, spiders, and other creatures that creates a panic, the number of deaths from all these creatures is about 183 per year. This includes sharks, alligators, bears, snakes, spiders, cows, dogs, bees, and other mammals.
Compare this to the number of deaths from vaccinations, which averages 39,000 per year!!

The problem with this type of select reporting is that it takes our attention away from what can be serious threats to our lives and focuses us instead on 1 or 2 shark deaths per year!

I’m not saying that all vaccinations are bad but it is wise to assess benefit vs. risk. If there is an outbreak in your area of some contagious condition a vaccination and their risks may be wise but why vaccinate for something that hasn’t been an issue for decades?

Better still would be to strengthen and boost your own internal immune system so you are better prepared to defend yourself against these bugs on your own.
We routinely use a formula we developed for immune support and it has helped keep thousands of people from catching colds the flu and other opportunistic bugs.

It’s called ImmuGuard and it may be obtained from ImmuGuard

For further information on the role of keeing your immune system healthy see my video at the link below:

Dr Whiting on The Immune System
Your Immune System -Why It Fails & How To Fix It

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Nutrition Screening Service Now Available!

I have long wanted a way to be able to determine the potential deficiencies of all the nutrients required for optimal health. I have been working on a diagnostic online test that is based on symptomology – the language of the body to identify specific nutrient deficiencies. This goal has become a reality!
I am pleased to announce our new tool for assisting you with optimal nutrient intake:

Nutrition Screening!
WATCH – Dr Whiting on Revealing Nutrition Deficiencies

To launch this new service we are offering you the opportunity to take this online screening, normally a $50.00 value, at no charge to you.

Just call us at 1-888-454-8464 for more information.

If you have any questions call my office at 1-888-454-8464
We are very excited about this new tool and look forward to receiving your test.

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Trans Fats After Killing Millions They’re Finally Going Away

What’s going away…finally? Trans Fats!!! Recent law signed by President Obama and being enforced by the Food and Drug Administration will soon put an end to the use of all trans fats in foods. Many food manufacturers have already done so but by 2018 there can be no trans fats in any foods whatsoever. This is huge because it is estimated that trans fats in our foods causes 20,000 heart attacks and almost as many deaths from heart disease each year for the past 40 years!!

We have always said that cholesterol is not nor has it ever been the cause of heart disease. The real culprits are trans fats and rancid vegetable oils, both pervasive in our diets.

The Institute of Medicine has determined that there is NO safe level of consumption of trans fats, which means even trace amounts lurking in some food carry significant health risks. Since the food industry still has almost 3 years to fully remove these deadly fats from our food you still need to be careful. Look at Nutrition Facts labels and watch out for anything that sounds close to “partially hydrogenated oil”. This is the same as a trans fat. Some of the foods that still contain high amounts of trans fats include:

Crackers, cookies, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods unless you made them
Cake, pancake, waffle and other baking mixes (read the label)
Coffee creamers (liquid and powdered)
Canned frosting (really loaded)
Snack foods
Frozen Dinners and Pizzas

Since most of these products above are not very healthy to start with we shouldn’t be eating them anyway but with the truth about trans fats finally coming out you should now understand that these are deadly.

Trans fats together with rancid vegetable oils are the biggest cause of the heart disease epidemic that has been killing millions for over 40 years. The food industry is NOT your friend! They are only in it for the money and not your well-being. Do NOT trust them or their advertising.
The only safe fats to use are olive oil, avocado oil, and saturated fats like butter and cream. These do not become rancid and form free radicals and are not artificial.

Since most of us have consumed our fair share of these potentially deadly oils you may want to do something about protecting yourself. Begin by taking a Full Spectrum supplement every day. Also you may wish to add an oral chelation formula to help keep your arteries, damaged by these artificial fats, free from blockages.

The two formulas we have developed here at our research institute are called High Vitality and Heart Wisdom

They are available from Phoenix Nutritionals at or by calling them at 1-800-440-2390

If you have any questions for me you can reach my office at 1-888-454-8464.

This is serious stuff folks. There is a reason why Heart Disease has been killing more of us every year for the past 40+ years. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

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The Most Common Drugs Are the Most Dangerous

We all are aware of the many potential side effects of most prescription drugs but what many may not be aware of is just how dangerous long term use of these popular drugs really are.

The first is available both as a prescription and as an over-the-counter variety. These drugs are the ant-acids. When you use ant-acids they effectively destroy all the natural stomach acids in the body, make the digestion of proteins and the absorption of minerals almost impossible. What is the result of this? Protein deficiency results in loss of collagen and premature aging just for starters. Mineral mal-absorption can lead to a host of health problems not the least of which is bone loss from a lack of calcium.

A much better alternative would be to use a broad spectrum digestive support formula that balances the acid and alkaline tide of the digestion, thus ensuring the maximum digestion and absorption of all foods and nutrients. The one we developed here at our Research Center is offered through Phoenix Nutritionals 1-800-440-2390. It’s called Digest-Eze. This formula will relieve all the symptoms of indigestion in just a few days by properly supporting a healthy digestive system.

Click here to watch Dr Whiting talk about Indigestion, Heartburn, and Acid Reflux
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Confused About Fats?

With so much misinformation everywhere regarding fats I thought it might be a good idea to cut to the chase and give you all a simple guideline as to what fats are safe and when to best use them.

For Cooking, especially high heat cooking:
Beef tallow
Fowl Fats from chickens and geese
Coconut and/or palm kernel oils
For Salads and other cold uses:
Olive Oil (note this oil is also good for cooking a lower temperatures)
Peanut Oil

All other vegetable oils are unsaturated and as such as subject to oxidation and rancidity, especially when heated. Vegetable oils other than those listed above are the single greatest dietary cause of heart disease.

How much fat is good? Unless you have specific dietary needs your diet should be made up of roughly 30% fat. Just be sure that the fats you choose are from the list above.

Dr Whiting on Understanding Fats

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New!!! Nutrient Evaluation Test Now Available

I am pleased to announce my new updated Nutrient Test, designed to determine potential nutrients deficiencies. This gives us the information that we need to put together a custom supplement program to meet your body’s specific needs. The evaluation is based on your body’s symptoms, which is the language it speaks to us but most of us don’t listen or pay much attention. The test is designed to pinpoint early deficiencies so that they may be corrected before the imbalance they cause leads to a more serious deficiency and ultimately a chronic disease.

WATCH Dr Whiting on Revealing Nutrition Deficiencies

Once we receive the test results from you we call you personally to discuss any issues identified and set you up with a supplement program that will eliminate your deficiencies. Call us at 1-888-454-8464


Harvard Scientist Urges Us to Stop Drinking Low-Fat Milk!

Well I have been saying for many years that milk is not the best choice of food for adults, especially when it is pasteurized and homogenized. These processes alter the molecular structure of the milk and can contribute too many digestive problems.

Now new light is being shed on another milk problem – low fat milk and products made with low fat milk. Why isn’t low fat good? Healthy even?

David Ludwig of Harvard says no also. We all are aware of the problems connected with high sugar drinks and the effect this elevated sugar intake can cause in the body at many levels. What has not been exposed is the level of sugars in low fat milk. When the fat is removed so is most of the flavor. In order to solve that problem the food industry adds powdered milk to the mix, which contains very high amounts of sugars. According to Ludwig, low fat milk is as bad for us as the sugary soft drinks.

Instead always use a full fat milk, yogurt or other dairy products.

The fat makes the food taste better and they contain far less sugar, which in the case of milk sugars, can be at the root of allergies, digestive disorders, and the dozens of health risks of a high sugar diet.

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Why Juicing is Bad

I have been saying for years that the habit of juicing is not the healthy factor that people think. A recent study has finally shed some more light on the reasons why this practice is not healthy. Concentrated juicing of veggies can rapidly raise the level of vitamin K in the body. Vitamin K is the coagulating vitamin and if someone is taking a blood thinner for medical reasons the vitamin, to excess, can prevent the blood thinner from working.

Diabetes: Drinking juices from excessive amounts of fruit raises the blood sugar and can contribute to developing diabetes or making an existing problem worse.

Thyroid: Excessive amounts of certain veggies such as kale, bok coy, cauliflower, collards and spinach are rich in compounds that can depress thyroid hormone production leading to an under active thyroid.

Excess calories: Those watching their weight often think that a juice drink is a great way to cut calories. Not so. Many juice concentrates are very high in calories. The average juice smoothie can add over 600 calories to your daily intake!

Other potential problems connected with juicing can be a lack of fiber since most juicers extract the fluid and leave the solid fiber behind. Lastly there is the oxidation factor. The juicing process forces oxygen into the juice. If the juice is not consumed very quickly the oxygen breaks down the nutrients in the juice and oxidizes the fruit sugars.

It has always been and will always be that the best way to consume veggies and fruits are in their natural state. That way you get all the health factors present the way nature intended it.

Eggs are Safe Again

Well as I have said many times before that if you live long enough you will get proven right! New guidelines soon to be published by the industry now will say that watching cholesterol as we have been taught is no longer necessary. In fact the guidelines will say that the cholesterol levels in and of them, are not a major risk factor for heart disease! That means that eggs, the most perfect food for humans, all of a sudden are good for you again.

Back in 1982 I wrote a paper on the health benefits of eggs and other fat & cholesterol containing foods. In 1992 I wrote a booklet on heart disease, illustrating that cholesterol does not cause heart disease. In fact, the vast majority of those undergoing the bypass operation for blocked arteries had normal cholesterol levels for years! In 2002 we published a review on dietary fats, illustrating the dangers of concentrated polyunsaturated vegetable oils and the benefits of monounsaturated and saturated fats.

This war on fat and cholesterol has been raging for over 30+ years and in spite of these misplaced efforts heart disease is still the number one cause of death, followed by obesity induced type II diabetes, which has increased over 357% in the same period!

If you have elevated cholesterol it is due to a liver problem, detoxifying and nourishing the liver best address this.

Richard Passwater, in his wonderful book Super Nutrition For Healthy Hearts, published in the 1970’s, cited over 50 double blind studies proving that cholesterol is not a significant cause of heart disease, yet for nearly 40 years the dietetics and medical industry has been singing the cholesterol song – with virtually no beneficial health results.

For the facts about cholesterol and heart disease you can download my Special Reports on here.

These Reports explain why nutrients are essential in maintaining a healthy liver and which combination of nutrients you should consider. These may be found in the Institute’s formulas called CholestEze and Slim Cleanse. These may be obtained from Phoenix Nutritionals


New York AG Targets Herbal Supplements At Major Retailers

For many years I have been educating people about the difference between a quality dietary supplement and the inexpensive “bargain brands”. In spite of the fact that most of these cheap supplements, often sold by discount and “warehouse” stores, never provide the Full Spectrum of the 100+ nutrients needed by your body on a daily basis, they are also often offered in hard tablet forms, which can be very difficult to break down and absorb.

I have also been saying that the quality control on many of these bargain brands is probably virtually non-existent. Let’s face it, it you’re getting a multi-vitamin/mineral product for $6.00 at a discount store do you really think it has everything that you need in a form that will be bio-available to your body? Think again, you get what you pay for!!

Large discount stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, and even GNC have been notified by the FDA to cease selling specific supplements because their testing has shown that the products do not match the claims on the labels.

In many cases certain nutrients were not only deficient but totally absent from the products altogether!! Now you can begin to see more clearly why it is important to know the source and science behind the supplements you take. Remember it’s your body – be selective with what you put in it!!

Just a small sample of what was missing from some best selling products:

GNC Herbal Plus Brand:

Gingko Biloba – Completely missing

St. John’s Wort – Completely missing

Ginseng – Completely missing

Echinacea – Completely missing

Target’s Up & Up brand:

Gingko Biloba –None found

St. John’s Wort – None Found

Valerian Root –None Found

Echinacea, Saw Palmetto & Garlic – Present but in a fraction of the potency listed

There have been similar findings with many products sold at Wal-Mart stores as well.

By this I hope you can see why it’s important to know your supplement company and who is behind it. All of our formulas are tested several times along the way. Retention samples are kept and tested every few months.

All of the formulas I have developed are deeply rooted in clinical science and not the result of some marketing department!

For more information on what makes up a quality dietary supplement check out the videos below:

Manufacturing Policies
Dr Whiting on Quality Control
Dr Whiting on Full Spectrum Nutrition and Mulit-Vitamins

Should you have any questions you can reach my office at 1-888-454-8464

To order Supplements that actually are properly balanced, complete, in the right ratios and that actually provide what the label says call Phoenix Nutritionals at 1-800-440-2390

Eliminate toxins in the body’s soft tissues

A New Weight Loss Formula Developed by the Institute of Nutritional Science is proving to be another excellent tool in the battle against overweight. We tested this formula and reviewed the clinical studies on the active ingredients before releasing it to the public and the data we impressive. So far the first run of the formula has nearly sold out just since December. If you have it on order, it will ship the first week of January – just in time for the biggest weight loss season of the year.

The formula is being offered by Phoenix Nutritionals and its called Slim Cleanse. This formula addresses two of the ten major factors involved in weight loss failure, namely excess toxins and a sluggish metabolism.

We know that when excess toxins build up in the body’s soft tissues it can negatively affect many processes internally. These toxins can increase silent and chronic inflammation in the body, leading to the production of excess starvation hormones such as cortisol. This in turn can slow the metabolism and reduce weight loss progress.

This formula replaces my previous version, which was called ToxiCleanse. This product can still be used the same way as the one before it for general detox or a fasting detox. The difference is that we added herbal concentrates that have shown to exercise a positive effect on resting metabolism, thereby helping to offset the effects of starvation hormones and increasing resting metabolism.

If you have struggled with your weight loss this product may be able to overcome two of the major factors involved in impeding progress, visit for more information.