Candida Test

  • Test One

  • Test Two/Part One

    In scoring this section of the test if the symptom is occasional or mild give 3 points, if frequent or moderately severe give 6 points, and if the symptom is severe and/or disabling score 9 points. If the symptom does not apply to you at all score a 0.
  • Part Two

    Score these symptoms as follows; give one point if the symptom is mild or occurs occasionally, 2 points if it is frequent and 3 points if it is severe or disabling to your lifestyle. As before, score 0 if it does not apply at all.
  • Add up the grand total of all three tests and compare with the results below

    Scores of over 180 in women or 140 in men: Yeast-connected heath problems, likely systemic in nature are almost certainly present.

    Scores of over 120 in women or 90 in men: Localized candidiasis is very likely

    Scores of over 60 in women or 40 in men: Yeast related problems are possibly, contributing to your overall problem.

    Scores of less than 60 in women or 40 in men: Yeast problems are less likely to be at the cause of your symptoms.

    Armed with the results of this very accurate test, you can determine the degree of yeast involvement in your health concerns.

    Depending upon your score, you may wish to follow our six week oxy flush, which is designed to destroy candida organisms throughout the body. At the end of the flush, we will re-implant the healthy acidophilus bacteria in the intestinal tract and complete the program.

    The complete Oxy Flush Program, which we have used with great success in completely eliminating chronic systemic yeast problems, is fully outlined in my booklet entitled, “Eliminating Yeast Infections & Systemic Candidiasis”.

    The same formula we use on our clients and patients in our Centers around the world is usually available from your local fitness center or nutrition counselor. The product we are using is called LiquiDaily Oxy Aloe, and it is made for us, by a company called Phoenix Nutritionals If you have problems finding this special formula, call The Institute at 1-888-454-8464 for further information.