Calcium Supplements linked to higher dementia risk

A recent study being discussed in the news concerns calcium and its link to dementia. This study is interesting since it is unknowingly very misleading.

We know that calcium is an essential nutrient and even more so as we age to prevent bone loss and help regulate the electrolyte balance in the body. How then can such an important nutrient be also linked to dementia?

The answer is simple it depends on the type of calcium used! Most calcium supplements are from calcium carbonate or essentially ground up rocks. In this form the calcium is almost totally non-absorbed, especially in those over age 50. This form of calcium is often deposited in various places in the body causing kidney stones, heel spurs and now apparently can cross the blood brain barrier and affect specific sites in the brain.

People taking this form of calcium often still show signs of calcium deficiency because it is so poorly absorbed. This does NOT occur when a highly absorbed form of calcium is supplemented. I have been saying for many decades that “not all minerals are created equal”. The form and the ratio of mineral supplements can make them either safe and effective or unsafe and ineffective.

There is no doubt that we all need calcium on a daily basis but the right form of calcium is crucial for many reasons. Supplemental calcium MUST be chelated or acidified for absorption. Further, key trace minerals must also be present in order for calcium to be absorbed at the cellular level where it needs to be. Trace minerals such as boron, zinc, manganese, copper, and strontium are all necessary to achieve maximum calcium uptake by the cells. When these criteria are met, calcium is just as safe as it is necessary by the body.

Several years ago I formulated a calcium formula that meets all these requirements and over the years thousands of people have used it successfully, preventing bone loss, so fuel the body safely with these essential nutrients. You can read more about this unique formula and purchase it, it is called Bio Complete Calcium Plus.

This combination of nutrients is backed by no less than seven clinical studies showing the safety and effectiveness of the formula.

Should you have any questions about the safety and necessity of calcium please feel free to call my office at 1-888-454-8464. We will have articles next month on Cholesterol Awareness Month so check back soon and make sure to watch my video Exposing Nutrition Myths Part 2 of 2.

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