Calcium Supplements Actually Increases Risk of Heart Disease

It seems that every few years the drug companies have to attack a natural essential nutrient claiming it to be “dangerous”. Well they are at it again, this time with calcium. A recent study, constantly over reported by the media, now confirms that calcium supplements can cause health problems. Calcium from food they say, does not have this danger. Why? The calcium they used in the study was ground up rocks, commonly called calcium carbonate. This material is extremely difficult to absorb, especially for people over the age of 50. This causes the calcium to crystallize and build up in the blood, possibly leading to calcification in various parts of the body.

Why does calcium from food not do this? The answer is simple, in foods we also find the key trace minerals necessary for calcium absorption such as manganese, copper, zinc, boron, etc. Also the calcium is naturally acidic in foods, making it much easier for the body to absorb. So what if we created a supplement that copied nature and provided all these essential factors into the formula? Well it would be just as safe as calcium from foods! That’s what we have done with our Bio-Complete Calcium Plus formula.

It provides natural acidity and all the needed trace minerals just as found in nature, ensuring the same safe and complete absorption of the calcium just as it if were from foods. The problem with these studies is that they never explain that all calcium supplements are not the same. They make blanket statements like calcium supplements are dangerous”, confusing the public. The media then gets on the bandwagon and repeats the story over and over again. Who do you think stands to benefit from this dangerous opinionated pseudo-science?

Well let’s see….. If people cannot get enough calcium from diet for a variety of reasons, over time they will begin to lose bone mass and at a certain age will then be diagnosed with bone loss or osteoporosis. Drug companies can then sell millions more prescriptions for drugs like Fosamax and Boniva!!! Of course these drugs have serious side effects but that’s OK because it’s about profits for the drug makers. Funny that these “news reports” never mention the seven double blind placebo controlled studies that have shown that the right form of calcium, together with the essential trace minerals, is not only safe but can actually reverse bone loss in those with osteoporosis!!

If you want a calcium supplement that has been formulated to duplicate the calcium in nature try our formula. It is currently being offered through Phoenix Nutritionals 1-800-440-2390. Avoid bone loss and reduce your risk for osteoporosis and all the complications that can go with it. Perhaps you will never need those dangerous drugs with all their side effects!!

Bio-Complete Calcium Plus

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