Calcium, Magnesium, and Sleep

Have you ever noticed that you can almost always tell if someone has not slept well? They look the part! Oh we can cover that up with an extra dose of makeup or a spray tan but the eyes and the skin tone don’t lie. Lack of sleep can make you look really bad. There are many reasons for sleep issues from biochemical imbalances, to excess stress, but one of the most common causes of poor sleep is a mineral deficiency.

The minerals calcium and magnesium are opposites that work together in a host of functions internally. One of the roles of these minerals is to prepare the brain chemistry for sleeping. When you fall asleep it’s because specific brain chemicals rise within the brain and induce the somnambulist state. If this doesn’t happen you either don’t sleep well or not at all.

The old idea of a glass of warm milk before bed helps with sleep because milk contains calcium and magnesium. Unfortunately it also contains a fair amount of calories and lots of sugar. Sugar before bed can be a problem for lots of people with unstable blood sugar levels. It may induce sleep at first but you may awaken a couple of hours later as your blood sugar starts to fall.

A better answer is a calcium supplement that is designed to be bio-available to the body. This will prevent the calcium from just circulating around in the blood and forming crystals that can deposit in various sites throughout the body. In order to ensure the calcium is absorbed we also must include manganese copper, zinc, and perhaps even some strontium. Consider the formula that we use for all our clients – Bio-Complete Calcium Plus.

I developed this formula as there are 7 separate clinical studies showing that this combination of co-factor nutrients can bring about the greatest absorption. Check back next month for information on Fatty Liver Disease and make sure to check out my video Exposing Nutrition Myths.

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