Our recently reformulated full-spectrum formula in capsule form makes it one of the most broad spectrum formulas available. For this reason this high vitality formula can serve as excellent women’s vitamins, herbal vitamins, the best vitamins for energy, as well as the best vitamins for men. Vitamin supplements for energy would include the B complex especially vitamin B12. In order to achieve maximum absorption these formulas should contain plant trace minerals in desiccated form. These trace minerals have the ability to enhance the uptake of vitamins and other major minerals, making them much more bioavailable to the living system of the body.

In our high-tech society stress and anxiety are at an all-time high. Anxiety supplements and adrenal supplements are in great demand. Adrenal support supplements are essential because often in our high stress society our adrenal glands become fatigued and overproduce key hormones that produce further anxiety. Managing stress, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue can be done with the right combination of select key nutrients. Our formulas have proven to be both functional and very popular over the last decade. Check back In May we will have information about the best vitamins for energy and make sure to listen to these amazing testimonials. Check out all of Dr Whiting’s Chronic Disease Special Reports.

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