My latest Brain Supplement will be available on Amazon before the end of February. This along with a couple other new products I have formulated will be hitting Amazon in this exciting New Year. 2018 will be the year of health and wellness. Science now has a better understanding of why some people are constantly plagued with things like depression or anxiety for no particular reason, brain fog as well as a loss of lust or desire or interest in life around them.

It seems that neurotransmitters within the brain can produce these sensations or symptoms if they are significantly out of balance. We now know that there are key amino acids and other nutrients that can re balance these neurotransmitters, oftentimes restoring mental happiness. Brain balance is just as important as other biochemical balances and natural supplements for depression as well as other brain vitamins have proven to be very effective for individuals suffering from such things as depression, insomnia, anxiety, and more importantly a loss of interest in life.

One of the top complaints of our senior citizens is that they just don’t have an interest in things anymore. Hobbies, activities, and pursuits that used to bring happiness and satisfaction and enjoyment no longer do so. Once we are able to re balance the neurotransmitters many times that interest and spark in life around them returns. One of the key nutrients or amino acids is called GABA. GABA supplements make up part but only part of the spectrum of nutrients and amino acids necessary for proper brain balance. We have recently completed formulation, research and testing on a powerful brain balancing formula. In our initial clinical trials this formula has proved to be overwhelmingly helpful for many people of all ages but especially older individuals.

Check back in March for info about The Dr Oz Brain Supplement and Depression Show and make sure to listen to real testimonials and make sure to check out all of Dr Whiting’s Special Chronic Disease Reports.

Source, Healthy Information

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