Bone Loss and Calcium – The Right Calcium Can Make the Difference

There are probably hundreds of calcium supplements on the market. The vast majority of them are almost totally worthless when it comes to preventing and reversing bone loss in older individuals. In order to accomplish this the calcium and other major minerals such as magnesium, need to be chelated or acidified for better absorption. Next the formula MUST also supply all the trace minerals necessary for absorption and transport of calcium ions to the bones. These include manganese, copper, zinc, boron, and strontium.

Without these elements in the right ratios, calcium uptake is compromised. When we say that “not all calcium is equal” we are not kidding! The form and combination can make the difference between highly effective and almost worthless. Read labels and trust your sources. More info next week about the Candida and Yeast epidemic and make sure to check out my video High Vitality Liquid Supplement and please take a minute to listen to this amazing testimonial below:

Bone loss reversed & Getting Stronger

The product she is taking is call Bio Complete Calcium Plus.

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