Benefits of Coconut Oil

The controversy continues regarding fats and wellness. The medical industry still preaches low fat, low saturated fats and low cholesterol. In spite of this heart disease remains the number one killer in most industrialized nations. Instead of trying to avoid fats would it not be better to know what fats are beneficial? Coconut oil is a highly saturated fat with many health benefits. Coconut oil has been advocated for over 15 years for its many benefits and now all of a sudden from one day to the next, the stuff is bad for you.

Didn’t they realize this before? Well saturated fats are among the safest fats to consume. We are told of the high levels of cholesterol in these fats and that this cholesterol will block your arteries and kill you. If you are concerned about cholesterol, there are safe and easy ways to reduce cholesterol quickly. Statin drugs are some of the most unsafe drugs and yet statin drugs are among the most popular, you can watch me talk more about this in my NEW video Benefits of Coconut Oil.

We do not consume the majority of cholesterol from our diet and this includes from saturated fats like coconut oil. The majority of cholesterol is produced in the liver and saturated fats like coconut oil contribute very little. Cholesterol lowering supplements are a very safe way to manage cholesterol levels because they work on the liver. These, combined with supplements to support heart health can provide insurance against a modern diet. Saturated fats like coconut oil are among the safest and healthiest fats. The most dangerous oils come from polyunsaturated versions, which directly contribute to heart disease due to free radical formation. Keep in mind that there are many heart healthy supplements should you be concerned about protecting your cardiovascular system. Check back soon for information about the best vitamins for energy and take our Weight Management Survey today and Dr Whiting will call you with your results within the week. Source, CNN

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