Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness month and while this disorder remains a mystery, there have been some interesting concepts put forward regarding the causes of this disorder. The work of the late Bernard Rimland here in San Diego focused on holistic approaches to this problem. He was able to establish that most kids with Autism have a serious vitamin B-6 deficiency and through using mega doses of this nutrient, was able to bring them back to near normal function at the very least greatly improved. In the past few months we have had many parents use our Oxy Aloe Formula and many have claimed amazing improvements with their children while others have reported little or no change. We do not fully understand why this is as of yet but when you have a child with this condition, as parents you are willing to try most anything that is safe in the hopes of seeing improvements. Parents who have seen benefits from the Oxy formula have reported greater alertness and better thought processing. We even had one parent tell us that their son’s speech improved dramatically while using the formula.

Certainly if I was in the position of having a child with this disorder I too, would try anything to see improvement. The Oxy Aloe Formula cannot hurt them in any way as long as the dose is adjusted for their age and it may be worth a try for you.

Those interested in Dr. Rimland’s work can reach his Autism Research Institute here in San Diego California by simply typing his name into your search engine. Check back soon for information about Autism Awareness Month coming next week.

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