Weight Management

Medical science has identified several factors that can inhibit weight loss.

If You Live Long Enough…

I have always said that if you live long enough you will eventually be proven out. Well as many of you know I, along with a small band of other health professionals, have been saying that saturated fats are actually good for you. This in spite of the entire health, medical, and dietary industries cry to the contrary. For over 30+ years we have been told that saturated fats cause heart disease, elevate cholesterol, and lead to premature death.

Dr Whiting on Understanding Fats

A recent observational study published in the British Medical Journal has shown that consumption of saturated fats has no significant increased risk of heart disease or mortality.

Dr Whiting on Heart Disease & Oral Chelation

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Saturated fats like animal fats, coconut, and palm oils are the fats our ancestors consumed because there were no fancy polyunsaturated oils and Trans fats in their day. The incidence of heart disease in those generations was a fraction of what it is today. In fact it is the over-consumption of polyunsaturated fats, Trans fats, and rancid oils that has caused the epidemic of heart disease we have presently.

Heart Disease the REAL Cause the REAL Answer

If you have consumed the Standard American Diet for any length of time you will have ingested copious amounts of potentially health damaging fats. If you wish to protect yourself from these damaging oils and help your body to keep your arteries clean consider using a Targeted Cardiovascular support formula. The one we developed is called Heart Wisdom and may be obtained from Phoenix Nutritionals or by calling them at 1-800-440-2390.

Clinical References for Heart Wisdom

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Nutricion de Espectro Completo

El desafio que enfrentamos hoy con nuestra salud no son enfermedades  infecciosas si no que  han sido remplasadas por un grupo de enfermedades de desordenes no infecciosos, si no cronicos, como el artrithis, enfermedades del corazon, diabetes, exceso de stress, complicaciones de menopausia, desordenes digestivos, y obesidad estos solo son algunos. Diabetes tipo II es una epidemia entre ciertos grupos de personas incluyendo latinos, americanos natives, y afro americanos, hay un porcentage que una de tres personas de estos grupos desarrollara’ diabetes  durante su vida. Las encuestas que se han hecho de cientos de estudios clinicos indica que la mayoria de estas enfermedades puede prevenirse o por lo menos cuidarse con suplementos nutritivos vitaminicos y con dieta adecuada. Nuestro centro de investigacion ha tenido mucho exito en llevar a cabo estos  estudios  clinicos y desarrollar formulas especificas que proveen al cuerpo con la nutricion en las deficiencias fisicas  para proporcionar sanacion y bienestar a su cuerpo por medio de suplementos nutritivos y asi tambien evitar otras  clases de enfermedades.

Le invitamos a escuchar estos mensages de audio para que aprenda mas acerca de como obtener mayor salud y bienestar cuando incluye en su vida suplemento dietetico de nutricion que su cuerpo requiere

1- Nuestra Crisis de Salud.

Esta seccion trata de la gran crisis de enfermedades no infecciosas y de como hemos llegado asta aqui y que podemos hacer para prevenir este tipo the enfermedades para que no destruya nuesta salud.

2- Nutricion de Spectro Completo.

Uno de los mayores avances en la ciencia de nutricion fue desarrollado en nuestro propio instituto y lleva por nombre nutricion de aspectro completo esto es supliendo al cuerpo todos los nutrientes que necesita en la potencia y proporcion entre uno y otro para hacer un rebalance en la bioquimica interna que produsca el proceso de sanacion por si solo.

3- Revirtiendo las Enfermedades.

Casi todas las enfermedades cronicas degenerativas son el resultado de un desequilibrio bioquimico del cuerpo, pero podemos ayudar al cuerpo a recuperar su salud por medio de nutrientes claves y especificos que han mostrado que ayudan al cuerpo a sanarse y hacer reversible la causa de las enfermedades degenerativas.

4- Un Programa Para Usted

Vea! Que facil es para nosotros ayudarle a disenar un programa de suplementos nutritivos que suplira’ exactamente todo lo que su cuerpo necesita para ponerlo en el mejor lugar apropiado a su organismo para prevenir incluso hacer reversible las  condiciones cronicas de enfermedad.

Descubra! Que facil verdaderamente es nuestro programa.

The challenges facing our health today are no longer the infectious diseases. They have been replaced by a group of illnesses called chronic non-infectious disorders, which include arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, excess stress, complications of menopause, digestive disorders, and obesity to name a few. In fact type II diabetes is epidemic among certain groups including Latinos, Native Americans, and African Americans. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people from these groups will develop diabetes in their lifetime.

Research gathered from hundreds of clinical medical studies indicates that the majority of these diseases can be prevented or at least better managed with proper dietary supplements and certain diet changes. Our research center has been very successful in taking that research and developing key formulas that provide the body with the missing nutrients that it needs to heal itself and prevent the onset of these disorders. We invite you to listen to these audios to learn more about how you can enjoy greater health and wellness by adding the right dietary supplements to your life.

Nuestra Crisis de Salud – This section talks about the greatest health crisis since infectious disease and how we arrived at this point and what we can do to prevent these illnesses from destroying our health.

Nutricion de Espectro Completo – One of the major advances in nutrition science was developed here at our Institute – namely Full Spectrum Nutrition. By supplying the body with all the nutrients it needs in the right potency and ratio to each other we can rebalance the body’s internal chemistry and support it in the process of healing itself.

Reversando las Enfermedades – Since most all chronic degenerative diseases are the result of an imbalance in the body chemistry, we can support the body in reversing these conditions through the use of key targeted nutrients that have shown to help the body to heal itself and reverse the process that caused the illness.

Un Programa para Usted –Find out how easy it is for us to help design a program of supplements that will meet your body’s nutritional needs and thereby put it in the best possible place to prevent and even reverse many chronic conditions.


Why Most People Fail at Weight Loss

Weight management is considered a major health goal for people who are obese, but the reality is that few will ever reach normal weight. According to a new study, in any given year researchers found that men had a 1 in 210 chance of dropping to normal weight. Women did a bit better with a 1 in 124 chance. Of those that did succeed more than 75 percent gain the weight back and more. Why is this the case?

Here at The Institute of Nutritional Science we have been studying weight management for many years and there are several reasons for these grim statistics. Firstly, the diet programs available with few exceptions treat all overweight people the same. In other words most are made to follow the old paradigm of “calories in and calories out”. While this seems to be effective for about 40 percent of those overweight it leaves the rest frustrated and failing. This is because we are all not the same as far as how our bodies metabolize different foods. The first step in helping people to normalize their weight is to determine their metabolic “type”, or how they metabolize foods. Once this is done the individual can then be placed on a program that is compatible with their chemistry. This usually makes losing weight much easier.

Then there is the sad statistic of how many finally lose their excess weight only to gain it back, and more over the next year or two. This is because weight loss programs do not teach maintenance or how to keep control of and maintain the new healthier body weight. A program that will ultimately produce long term results must have a maintenance program that the individual can live with for life without feeling that they are constantly “dieting”.

Here at our Research Center we have just such a weight management program that addresses all the pitfalls of conventional dieting and in fact not only allows occasional “cheating” but actually requires it!

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To find out more about our unique program watch the video below and feel free to contact our offices at 1-888-454 8464

Dr Whiting on Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Obesity is a nationwide epidemic and costs more in health care than any other health issue. It doesn’t have to be that way. The definition of insanity is “repeating the same failed event over and over expecting a different result”. Yet that’s what millions of overweight people do every year.

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Cheating Death 2015 Seminars

My newly revised and updated seminar called “Cheating Death” is going on the road. I will be offering this educational seminar through professional health care businesses in many parts of the country over the next 3 to 4 months.

If you are a health or fitness business and would like to find out more about scheduling a Cheating Death seminar in your area please contact our offices, at 1-888-454-8464.

Cheating Death illustrates how America became one of the most nutrient deficient countries in the world and the terrible toll this has taken on our health. Chronic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and arthritis are all the result of years of nutrient depletion of the nutrients in our foods. We consume higher and higher amounts of calories and still cannot get even the minimum requirement of nutrients.

This presentation then goes on to show how proper nutrition, diet, and exercise can go a long way in reversing these illnesses as once the right amount of nutrients are provided, the body is in the best possible position to heal itself.

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Nutrition Screening Service Now Available!

I have long wanted a way to be able to determine the potential deficiencies of all the nutrients required for optimal health. I have been working on a diagnostic online test that is based on symptomology – the language of the body to identify specific nutrient deficiencies. This goal has become a reality!
I am pleased to announce our new tool for assisting you with optimal nutrient intake:

Nutrition Screening!
WATCH – Dr Whiting on Revealing Nutrition Deficiencies

To launch this new service we are offering you the opportunity to take this online screening, normally a $50.00 value, at no charge to you.

Just call us at 1-888-454-8464 for more information.

If you have any questions call my office at 1-888-454-8464
We are very excited about this new tool and look forward to receiving your test.

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New Weight Loss Weapon Developed at the Institute!

At any given time there are multi-millions of people attempting to lose weight and get healthier yet year after year most of them fail, why? The biggest reason is that most people are following programs that are simply not right for their chemistry. The second reason is that they have underlying issues such as a sluggish metabolism, a low thyroid or a chronic yeast overgrowth that suppresses both the immune system and the resting metabolic rate. We have a simple survey that can help us determine your correct weight loss program based on your internal chemistry.

Weight Management Survey

When we looked at all the reasons why someone might have difficulties losing excess weight, we isolated two factors that play a strong role in that sabotage. Firstly excess toxins in the soft tissues of the body can make the system sluggish and hence affect the metabolism as well as virtually every internal function. We developed an all-natural herbal supplement designed to support the body in the elimination of excess toxins, especially via the organs of elimination such as the liver, kidneys, bowel, bladder and the colon. We have used this formula successfully with thousands of people.

We then looked at the ongoing problem of metabolic rate for many carrying excess pounds the big problem is a sluggish metabolism, but how to stimulate this in a safe way? Many older formulas used stimulants such as caffeine to raise metabolic rate but these all affect the central nervous system and can be a problem and even dangerous for many people. We have tested and are now adding natural metabolic boosters to our detox formula. These do not affect the central nervous system so no jitters or sleep problems.

This new combination formula that addresses detoxification and metabolic stimulation is called Slim Cleanse and is available from Slim Cleanse or by calling them at 1-800-440-2390.

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Trans Fats After Killing Millions They’re Finally Going Away

What’s going away…finally? Trans Fats!!! Recent law signed by President Obama and being enforced by the Food and Drug Administration will soon put an end to the use of all trans fats in foods. Many food manufacturers have already done so but by 2018 there can be no trans fats in any foods whatsoever. This is huge because it is estimated that trans fats in our foods causes 20,000 heart attacks and almost as many deaths from heart disease each year for the past 40 years!!

We have always said that cholesterol is not nor has it ever been the cause of heart disease. The real culprits are trans fats and rancid vegetable oils, both pervasive in our diets.

The Institute of Medicine has determined that there is NO safe level of consumption of trans fats, which means even trace amounts lurking in some food carry significant health risks. Since the food industry still has almost 3 years to fully remove these deadly fats from our food you still need to be careful. Look at Nutrition Facts labels and watch out for anything that sounds close to “partially hydrogenated oil”. This is the same as a trans fat. Some of the foods that still contain high amounts of trans fats include:

Crackers, cookies, cakes, pastries, and other baked goods unless you made them
Cake, pancake, waffle and other baking mixes (read the label)
Coffee creamers (liquid and powdered)
Canned frosting (really loaded)
Snack foods
Frozen Dinners and Pizzas

Since most of these products above are not very healthy to start with we shouldn’t be eating them anyway but with the truth about trans fats finally coming out you should now understand that these are deadly.

Trans fats together with rancid vegetable oils are the biggest cause of the heart disease epidemic that has been killing millions for over 40 years. The food industry is NOT your friend! They are only in it for the money and not your well-being. Do NOT trust them or their advertising.
The only safe fats to use are olive oil, avocado oil, and saturated fats like butter and cream. These do not become rancid and form free radicals and are not artificial.

Since most of us have consumed our fair share of these potentially deadly oils you may want to do something about protecting yourself. Begin by taking a Full Spectrum supplement every day. Also you may wish to add an oral chelation formula to help keep your arteries, damaged by these artificial fats, free from blockages.

The two formulas we have developed here at our research institute are called High Vitality and Heart Wisdom

They are available from Phoenix Nutritionals at www.phoenixnutritionals.com or by calling them at 1-800-440-2390

If you have any questions for me you can reach my office at 1-888-454-8464.

This is serious stuff folks. There is a reason why Heart Disease has been killing more of us every year for the past 40+ years. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

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Confused About Fats?

With so much misinformation everywhere regarding fats I thought it might be a good idea to cut to the chase and give you all a simple guideline as to what fats are safe and when to best use them.

For Cooking, especially high heat cooking:
Beef tallow
Fowl Fats from chickens and geese
Coconut and/or palm kernel oils
For Salads and other cold uses:
Olive Oil (note this oil is also good for cooking a lower temperatures)
Peanut Oil

All other vegetable oils are unsaturated and as such as subject to oxidation and rancidity, especially when heated. Vegetable oils other than those listed above are the single greatest dietary cause of heart disease.

How much fat is good? Unless you have specific dietary needs your diet should be made up of roughly 30% fat. Just be sure that the fats you choose are from the list above.

Dr Whiting on Understanding Fats

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Harvard Scientist Urges Us to Stop Drinking Low-Fat Milk!

Well I have been saying for many years that milk is not the best choice of food for adults, especially when it is pasteurized and homogenized. These processes alter the molecular structure of the milk and can contribute too many digestive problems.

Now new light is being shed on another milk problem – low fat milk and products made with low fat milk. Why isn’t low fat good? Healthy even?

David Ludwig of Harvard says no also. We all are aware of the problems connected with high sugar drinks and the effect this elevated sugar intake can cause in the body at many levels. What has not been exposed is the level of sugars in low fat milk. When the fat is removed so is most of the flavor. In order to solve that problem the food industry adds powdered milk to the mix, which contains very high amounts of sugars. According to Ludwig, low fat milk is as bad for us as the sugary soft drinks.

Instead always use a full fat milk, yogurt or other dairy products.

The fat makes the food taste better and they contain far less sugar, which in the case of milk sugars, can be at the root of allergies, digestive disorders, and the dozens of health risks of a high sugar diet.

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It’s Still Weight Loss Season!

For many of you who started a weight management program at the New Year you may have been very successful already this far. For many others you may be finding yourselves struggling and getting frustrated about now with less than hoped for results. If you fall into that last group why not try a more scientific way towards weight management? It’s pretty easy as we will take the guesswork out of everything for you.

Step one – Click here to take the Weight Management Test.

Step Two – Once we receive it we will evaluate your answers and call you with our recommendations for a diet, exercise, and supplement plan that supports your body’s metabolism and will likely give you the best results.

Step Three – Once your goal weight has been achieved we will set up guidelines for maintaining your new healthier body weight for life!

See I told you it was as easy as 1 2 3!!

So what are you waiting for? Using science in your favor and applying the three core principles of weight management, diet, exercise, and key supplements, you can find a faster track to your healthier goals.

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Why Juicing is Bad

I have been saying for years that the habit of juicing is not the healthy factor that people think. A recent study has finally shed some more light on the reasons why this practice is not healthy. Concentrated juicing of veggies can rapidly raise the level of vitamin K in the body. Vitamin K is the coagulating vitamin and if someone is taking a blood thinner for medical reasons the vitamin, to excess, can prevent the blood thinner from working.

Diabetes: Drinking juices from excessive amounts of fruit raises the blood sugar and can contribute to developing diabetes or making an existing problem worse.

Thyroid: Excessive amounts of certain veggies such as kale, bok coy, cauliflower, collards and spinach are rich in compounds that can depress thyroid hormone production leading to an under active thyroid.

Excess calories: Those watching their weight often think that a juice drink is a great way to cut calories. Not so. Many juice concentrates are very high in calories. The average juice smoothie can add over 600 calories to your daily intake!

Other potential problems connected with juicing can be a lack of fiber since most juicers extract the fluid and leave the solid fiber behind. Lastly there is the oxidation factor. The juicing process forces oxygen into the juice. If the juice is not consumed very quickly the oxygen breaks down the nutrients in the juice and oxidizes the fruit sugars.

It has always been and will always be that the best way to consume veggies and fruits are in their natural state. That way you get all the health factors present the way nature intended it.

Gout: No Excuse for Controlling Weight

Recent topics in the news regarding diet contain both helpful and misinformation. During this “diet season” the Internet is filled with advice. One concept being touted right now is that the very effective low carbohydrate diet program causes gout. In most cases this is not the case.

Gout is a metabolic disorder and a form of arthritis, which occurs when levels of uric acid build up in the body and eventually deposit as crystals in select joints, often causing debilitating pain and inflammation. The most common site for gout to occur is in the feet, specifically in the joint of the big toe. Other areas of attack can include the ankle, elbow and wrist joints. Gout occurs most often for the first time, between the ages of 30 and 50. It occurs most frequently in males.

As uric acid levels rise, crystals form that resemble sharp needles, which literally impale the joint and cause acute pain and inflammation. While there is no official “cure” for this condition, there are dietary and supplement methods can help control uric acid levels and prevent or reduce the severity of gout attacks.

The low carbohydrate, higher protein diet has been implicated as a negative factor to gout. In general this is not the case with a few specific exceptions. If the body is functioning properly and has the right nutrients present, protein is not going to be a factor. There are some foods that you should avoid if you are a gout sufferer:

Foods to Avoid:   Anchovies, herring and sardines, mushrooms, asparagus, peas and beans, mussels, organ meats, broths and consumes.

Alcohol to excess should also be avoided as it increases the production of uric acid and interferes with its elimination.

Supplements to help better manage Gout:

Vitamin C. Increases fluid/urine output, assisting in eliminating uric acid faster.

Take 1000 mg 3 times per day and increase if needed.

B-Complex Vitamins:   This group is important in helping to regulate key hormone levels. Take 50 mg of the whole complex once or twice per day with meals.

Natural Anti-inflammatory Nutrients: These supplements can assist in controlling inflammation and hence the severity of gout attacks.

Broad Spectrum Enzymes:   By taking a well-rounded enzyme formula, you can increase the digestive factors of your system, reducing the formation of many undesirable by-products of incomplete digestion.

By implementing these simple procedures, you can help your body to better manage uric acid production and elimination while consuming the diet plan that’s right for your body type.


Detoxification & Gentle Metabolic Enhancement For Better Weight Management!

Several years ago we did an evaluation of hundreds of clinical studies and then conducted our own surveys on over 4,000 participants as to the possible causes of weight loss failure. The results of these two projects produced our list of the top 10 reasons why people fail at ultimate weight loss. Two of those 10 reasons are excess toxins in the organs of elimination and an underactive metabolism.

Over twenty years ago I developed a formula called ToxiCleanse, designed to assist in the detoxification of the organs of elimination such as the liver, kidneys, bowel, bladder and the colon. People have used this formula over the years not only for detoxing the body but also to help them to lose excess weight. When the body stores too many toxins it can drastically affect weight loss and can actually cause weight gain!

Every couple of years I review all of our formulas and compare them to the latest scientific findings then compare them with mine on www.healthyinformation.com to ensure that our clients are receiving the very latest up to date formulas available. A couple of months ago I took a look at ToxiCleanse and while I didn’t find a lot of new research, it occurred to me that this formula might very well serve as not only a detoxification formula but as a vehicle for enhancing and stimulating the sluggish metabolism that often plagues dieters. The question was how to do this without using caffeine or any other central nervous system stimulants.

Research into herbal extracts that do not affect the nervous system produced several new extracts that have a strong clinical basis of effectiveness. The end result is my latest formula – offered by Phoenix Nutritionals. They call it Slim Cleanse – a dual function formula that can either be used as a detoxification support as before or as a metabolism enhancer, or both.

I have added rhubarb, fennel and cayenne pepper extract for their metabolic effects but by far the most important addition to the formula comes from an herbal extract called Irvingia Gaboesis or also known as African Mango.

Clinical studies have repeatedly shown the benefits to the metabolism with regards to weight management but the benefits do not stop there. A study published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease, it was found that this herb also helps to lower cholesterol, leptin levels, c-reactive protein and even blood glucose.

What’s really good news is that African Mango can deliver these benefits with virtually no adverse side effects. Even when given at five times the recommended dose the only noticeable side effect was dry mouth.

Other notable benefits to the formula are that it acts as a mild analgesic, antioxidant and as an antimicrobial agent.

Who Should Use this formula?

Anyone wishing to detoxify their body of unwanted toxins as with the previous formula.

Those wishing to support their metabolism safely, assisting with weight loss support

Those who have hit a weight loss plateau

Those with fibromayalgia

Anyone living in an especially high toxic environment

Those working with potentially toxic substances

These are just a few examples of how this formula may assist the body’s internal environment, allowing it to function better and maintain health. By combining two concepts into one we not only have made these many benefits more convenient but also more economical as well since you no longer need two or more products to accomplish the same thing.

If you find yourself in one or more of the situations above consider giving this formula a try. Is it a miracle? No but clinical studies have shown the ingredients in this formula to be extremely effective if taken over several months. You can order this from www.phoenixnutritionals.com