The Institute of Nutritional Science was founded in 1991 with the purpose of conducting and analyzing clinical studies relative to the application of natural nutrients in the prevention, management and reversal of the leading chronic disorders and diseases epidemic in our society.

This research is gathered and distributed to the public via our newsletters, websites, webinars, books and educational presentations around the world. With offices in the United States, The Netherlands, and England, we are in a position to access clinical studies from every country in the world. The problem with this information is that it never reaches the people who need it and could benefit from it.

Most chronic degenerative disorders are directly related to nutrient deficiencies. These include arthritis, diabetes, hormone problems, Heart Disease, digestive disorders, elevated cholesterol and excess stress related complications to name but a few. In every case properly applied supplementation has shown the ability to both prevent and better manage these conditions.

In addition to our research work, The Institute formulates supplements based on that research for a variety of companies worldwide. These formulas continue to help tens of thousands of people suffering with these chronic non-infectious preventable disorders.

The Institute is a pioneer in developing diagnostic testing based on symptoms, for determining nutrient deficiencies, weight management programs and indentifying the presence of systemic candida or yeast overgrowth.

Our testing programs as well as our unique formulations are being used by hundreds of health care practitioners around the world to better serve their patients and clients. We invite you to become a member of our Organization and begin taking advantage of the many services we have to enhance your business and the lives of those who rely on you.